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Titanic vs Queen Mary – Which is Bigger?

The very mention of Titanic and Queen Mary invokes a sense of awe and splendor, taking us back to the golden age of ocean liners. Both these iconic vessels represent different eras but have left an indelible mark in maritime history.

Titanic, the ill-fated ship that sank on its maiden voyage, and Queen Mary, the jewel of the Atlantic, once dominated the high seas, carrying passengers in utmost luxury and style.

Titanic and Queen Mary, though representing different timelines, engage us in the timeless story of human ambition, innovation, and failure.

This article offers a glimpse into the remarkable stories of these legendary vessels, who continue to fascinate new generations with their incredible tales of triumph and tragedy, Titanic vs Queen Mary.

Which is bigger Queen Mary vs Titanic?

When it comes to the size comparison of Titanic vs Queen Mary, Queen Mary outshines Titanic.

Queen Mary was larger in terms of length, width, and height. Titanic was 882 feet long, 92 feet wide, and 175 feet tall, while Queen Mary was 1,019 feet long, 118 feet wide, and 181 feet tall.

This makes Queen Mary about 137 feet longer, 26 feet wider, and 6 feet taller than Titanic. However, size wasn’t everything. Titanic had some features that were groundbreaking for its time, such as the first heated swimming pool on a ship and a gymnasium.

Queen Mary, on the other hand, had a more luxurious feel to it with its Art Deco interior design. Despite their differences, both ships played a significant role in shaping the course of maritime history.

Is Queen Mary 2 similar as Titanic?

While both the Queen Mary and Titanic are legendary ocean liners, Queen Mary 2 is quite different than its predecessor. Queen Mary 2 is a modern cruise ship built in 2004, whereas Titanic was built in 1911.

The Queen Mary 2 is significantly larger than its namesake, measuring in at 1,132 feet long, 135 feet wide, and 236 feet tall. It can carry more than 2,600 passengers and has a crew of over 1,200.

The Queen Mary 2 may not have the same tragic history as Titanic, but it is still a marvel of modern engineering. It has state-of-the-art facilities, including the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, an onboard planetarium, and a variety of restaurants and entertainment options.

While both the Titanic and Queen Mary were at the forefront of luxury during their time, Queen Mary 2 represents the pinnacle of modern shipbuilding. Titanic and Queen Mary may be the stuff of legend, but Queen Mary 2 is a wonder unto itself.

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Who sank the Queen Mary?

The Titanic’s story is a well-known tragedy, while Queen Mary’s is one of triumph and luxury. But there was a time when Queen Mary was in danger of sinking as well. In 1942, during World War II, the British government requisitioned the Queen Mary as a troopship.

It was painted grey, stripped of its luxurious interiors, and commissioned to carry tens of thousands of soldiers across the Atlantic. But the German U-boats posed a constant threat to any ship crossing the Atlantic, and the Queen Mary was no exception.

In October 1942, while carrying 15,000 American soldiers to England, the Queen Mary was sailing at full speed through a foggy sea, and in an effort to avoid being torpedoed by an enemy U-boat the ship crashed into an escort vessel, the HMS Curacoa.

The Curacoa was cut in two and quickly sank, with a loss of 338 lives. The Queen Mary was damaged but continued on its way to deliver its troops.

When was Queen Mary built?

This magnificent vessel was built in the 1930s and launched in 1934. Its construction took three years, and it involved over 4,000 workers who labored tirelessly to create this masterpiece.

The Queen Mary was built by the British shipping company Cunard, which had a long and storied history in the shipping industry. The ship was constructed at the John Brown Shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland, where some of the most famous ships of the 20th century were built.

The Queen Mary’s design was inspired by the Art Deco movement, which was popular at the time. The ship was christened by Queen Mary herself and made its maiden voyage in 1936.

It quickly became known as the most glamorous and luxurious ship on the high seas, attracting celebrities, dignitaries, and royalty. Even after being retired from service in 1967, the Queen Mary has continued to be a beloved icon and a constant reminder of the glory days of ocean travel.

Was any of the royal family on the Titanic?

Contrary to popular belief, no member of the British royal family was on board the ill-fated ship. However, there were wealthy and influential people on the Titanic who were also known as “the millionaires and billionaires of their time”.

Among the notable passengers were John Jacob Astor IV, an American financier and real estate developer, and Benjamin Guggenheim, an American businessman and philanthropist.

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Both men were part of the Astor and Guggenheim families, who were some of the wealthiest of the era. Sadly, neither survived the sinking.

Is Queen Mary the biggest cruise ship?

When it comes to the comparison between Titanic vs Queen Mary, the former may have been bigger in its time, but the Queen Mary 2 is now the largest cruise ship in the world.

Its grandeur and majesty are simply breathtaking, with its size rivaling that of a small town. It is truly a wonder of modern engineering. Measuring at a length of 1,132 feet, a width of 135 feet, and a height of 236 feet, the Queen Mary 2 has a gross tonnage of 149,215.

It can accommodate up to 2,690 passengers and has a crew of over 1,200. Its state-of-the-art facilities boast of a Canyon Ranch SpaClub, a planetarium, multiple restaurants, and entertainment options that cater to all ages.

What is bigger than the Queen Mary?

One such ship is the Symphony of the Seas, which is currently the largest cruise ship in the world. Measuring at 1,188 feet long and 215 feet tall, Symphony of the Seas is truly a marvel in modern shipbuilding.

It has a gross tonnage of 228,081, making it significantly larger than the Queen Mary 2. It houses more than 8,000 passengers and crew and boasts a variety of amenities and activities that cater to all ages and interests.

While the Queen Mary and Titanic were once the pinnacle of luxury and innovation in their respective eras, Symphony of the Seas represents the latest achievement in maritime engineering.

What caused the Queen Mary to sink?

In 1947, while navigating through a dense fog, the Queen Mary collided with the HMS Curacoa near the coast of Ireland.

The impact of the collision caused severe damage to the Curacoa and led to its sinking, causing the loss of 338 lives.

The Queen Mary was able to make it safely to port, although it suffered significant damage that required months of repairs.

The cause of the collision was attributed to a miscommunication between the two ships’ crews and a failure in communication equipment.

What ship hit the Queen Mary?

One such peril befell the Queen Mary on a fateful day in 1947, when it collided with the HMS Curacoa. The collision occurred in dense fog near the coast of Ireland.

The Queen Mary was sailing at full speed, while the Curacoa was escorting it, maintaining a steady pace to protect it from German U-boats.

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But, in a catastrophic misjudgment, both vessels eventually collided, causing the Curacoa to sink, with a loss of more than three hundred lives.

The Queen Mary suffered significant damage to its hull, but thanks to the skill of its crew, it was able to make it safely to port. The collision with the Curacoa was a tragedy that remains etched in the annals of maritime history.

Why was the ship called Queen Mary?

It has a significant meaning in British history. The ship was named after Queen Mary of Teck, the wife of King George V.

She was a popular and beloved queen who devoted much of her time to charitable causes, particularly those related to the military.

The Queen Mary was launched during a time of great economic depression and social upheaval, and it was hoped that the ship’s name would provide a much-needed sense of pride and hope to the British people.

The naming ceremony was a grand affair, attended by the royal family, as well as dignitaries and celebrities from around the world.

The name Queen Mary has since become synonymous with the golden age of ocean liners, symbolizing elegance, luxury, and grandeur.


In conclusion, the Titanic and Queen Mary were both magnificent ships that represented the height of luxury and innovation during their respective eras.

However, the tragic fate of the Titanic has forever overshadowed its accomplishments, while the Queen Mary has continued to sail on to new adventures.

Both the Titanic and Queen Mary were engineering marvels that embodied the extravagance and glamour of their times. Yet even as they shared many similarities, they also represented different attitudes towards transportation, technology, and society.

The Titanic represented the hubris of a society that believed it could conquer nature and bend it to its will. The Queen Mary, on the other hand, was a more humble vessel that saw itself as part of a larger system of transportation and commerce.

Despite their differences, both the Titanic and Queen Mary are unforgettable symbols of human ambition and resilience. They remind us that even in the face of tragedy and setbacks, we can still find ways to create something beautiful and enduring.

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