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Zombie Catchers mod + apk 1.30.25 Unlimited Money


Description of Zombie Catchers
Table of Contents:
Zombie Catchers (Mod, Unlimited Money) have been a popular topic for movie producers and game developers in recent years. They are inherently human, but they have turned into walking corpses and have lost consciousness due to a strange virus. The sole goal of a zombie is to eat people and spread their disease. They become a threat and a terror to humans.
However, have you ever thought that you would go hunting zombies instead of running away from them? Let's play Zombies Catcher. It is a fun game from Deca Game Studio.
Odd Storyline
game zombie catchers mod apk

The context of the story is the zombie epidemic raging in 2050. As a result, both the earth and human life have been severely harmed. However, in this era, humans began to make friends and trade with aliens. Besides, the alien's favorite food is zombie products. With the desire to make a lot of money, players will become hunters to sell zombies to aliens.
zombie catchers mod

In this game, you will take the role of one in two characters: A.J or Bud. These are two aliens who want to capture zombies for profit. Your mission is to find places where zombies are hiding. Then you set traps (remember zombies love to eat human brains) and wait. When the zombies emerge from their cave, you must shoot them. Each mission in the game requires you to catch a certain number of zombies, so make sure you meet that goal to complete the level.
After that, you can bring zombies back to your spaceship. Then you will make many different dishes or drinks from zombies. Unlike the scary zombies in the movies, the zombies in this game are pretty shy and always manage to elude the hunters.
Some tips for players
zombie catchers mod apk

Watch out for zombies with weapons.
Some zombies may throw rocks or sticks at you, making your hunting more difficult. If you encounter these zombies, find a place to hide, wait for them to throw stones and then catch them.
Hide before catching zombies
Zombies in zombie catchers mod apk are extremely sensitive and can detect your presence within a specific range. As a result, as soon as you set the trap, you should hide behind a large rock or a tree. They will flee as soon as they notice you.
Before hunting, get rid of the animals.
At some levels, there will be some animals like snakes and bats that make it difficult for your journey. As a result, before you begin hunting zombies, you should destroy them with guns and spears. Furthermore, killing these animals allows you to earn more money.
Upgrading your weapons is essential.
You will have a javelin gun as your primary weapon, as well as a support weapon and an item. Typically, all you'll need is a gun to complete your mission. However, in some situations, you will require the assistance of the other two weapons. Weapons can be upgraded to increase their range and power. So upgrade as soon as possible.
Currency in the game
As previously stated, you will make money by selling zombie dishes. When customers purchase your dishes, you will earn coins.
Coins and Plutonium are the main currency of this game. You can buy more weapons, equipment, and skins for your hunters if you have a lot of money.
Graphics and Audio
Even though Zombie Catcher is a zombie-themed game, there are no frightening visuals. When you see the images in the game, you will undoubtedly be surprised. Everything is bright and cheerful. The zombies in the game are very cute and quite stupid.
It features 2D graphics, a simple console, and adorable music. If you're looking for a game to play after a long and stressful day at work, this is a great option. Are you ready to open a cafe serving zombie food and beverages?
Player Experience
It is a fantastic and intriguing game. Many players admitted to becoming addicted to it. However, some players were also dissatisfied with the game. They said that greedy developers had put ads everywhere. Some others claimed that it needs to figure out a new music choice and more ways to get Plutonium. Hopefully, these issues will be improved in future versions.
Download Zombie Catchers Mod APK
If you're tired of running away from zombies in other games, try this one. It will help you get revenge on them and make you feel better. Besides, with the unlimited money feature from the MOD version, you can unlock and upgrade everything with a massive amount of money.