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WW2 Victory ships reaching the end of the line


Four Victory Ships, anchored at Suisun Bay near San Francisco, will be broken up at Marine Metal, Inc., and All Star Metal, Inc., in Brownsville TX, the US Maritime Administration announced. SS BARNARD VICTORY (hull number 742, type VC2-S-AP2) has already arrived at Brownsville, while SS HANNIBAL VICTORY (hull number 579, type VC2-S-AP2) and SS SIOUX FALLS VICTORY are currently enroute to Texas under tow via the Panama canal, having sailed though the Golden Gate on August 14. SS OCCIDENTAL VICTORY (hull number 748, type VC2-S-AP2) remains at Suisan Bay awaiting a tow (though another report places the latter vessel in the Beaumont reserve fleet). All four ships were California built between 1944 and 1946.

Captain Larry

My first ship in the US Navy was that same hull type, but it was configured to not only haul troops but the boats to project them ashore. The ones mentioned here were just troop transports - loaded pierside and discharged pierside. Talk about basic cruising! Bunks were five or six high with a couple of hundred men in the same room. The only entertainment was chow time, and the chow lines were long. It was not unusual to finish breakfast and immediately get in line for lunch. By the time a six-week "cruise" had ended, a lot of the men had lost the next six months salary in poker games. It was really tough duty, but in WWII it was the "best" way to get to either Europe of the South Pacific from the USA.