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Will this lead to changes in tipping rules


Found this article regards some staff not having contracts renewed after striking.
P&O cruise ship Arcadia hits troubled waters over ousting of Indian crew | Business | The Guardian
I do feel sorry for staff which sail on ships with passengers on board who don't tip, probably as part of the culture they come from. Gather it's not only the British.
If Companies use the tips to make up the staffs wages I think that they need to look at the passengers they are carrying.
But if they include the tips in the price of the cruise upfront will it lead to drop in levels of service?
I have just returned from a cruise where I paid upfront and the service in the dining room was exceptional.
What do you think?


Just wish they'd do awY with tips all together and either up the cruise proce or add a mandatory service charge to the final invoice and use that to pay the crew a better basic wage....but doubt that'll happen.

Cruise lines do need to consider what the tipping customs are for the country they are departing for. It really is not reasonable for them to pay the crew so little when they know full well they'll get very little in tips - it's just plain exploitation. This is going to be a bit controversial BUt, those of you who remove tips because you don't believe in them or whatever are also exploring the crew. Dare say I'll get flMed fro that comment.