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Widescreen versus Full Screen Formats


Which do you prefer between widescreen and full screen video formats? Personally, I like full screen better. I've never been a fan of the "letterbox" and with our new (widescreen) TV, if the movie was recorded in letterbox format, we end up with a box in a box, and the movie is limited to about the middle half on the screen. What's the point of having a big screen TV if the top and bottom quarters of the screen are black??


I don't mind the widescreen, letterbox format at the movie theater, but at home on my TV, I want whatever I'm watching to be in full screen and utilize the entire screen. It's a waste of money to buy a 50" TV (for example) if there's a black bar at the top and bottom of the screen, blocking out 10" of viewing space. I really don't understand how or why this has caught on, personally.

lancashire lass

I prefer the full screen. Unfortunately when we purchased our TV{ flat screen} we didn't know any better and we ended up with the letter format. Drives me nuts.:hoh:


Letterbox does have it's place...my TV has a control where I can make the screen letterbox. But, I really prefer full screen.