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Why choose Cunard?


I love the idea of traveling on a Cunard cruise ship, but I think it comes from my years of reading historical and romance novels. What are some real reasons in 2012 that people choose Cunard instead of another line?


Hello Jacqui,
Every Cunard voyage is a memorable event in its own right, which is exactly why so many guests choose to celebrate important events such as birthdays, anniversaries or weddings on board. Whatever reason to celebrate, It helps making special occasion even more memorable with its range of unique celebration and gift packages. I think you love travelling, if you have any future plan for travelling than you can take a help for a www.kohertraveler.com. It is a good site for travelling.


Staff member
Cunard is good for those that truly love the old traditional type cruising. The majority of Cunard ships are ocean liners not cruise ships. If you want a traduitional type cruise experience Cunard is the perfect line for that.

Solent Richard

A little late on the scene to answer the OP but in the interest of future readers I'll make a contribution to this thread.

Without any doubt I'm a Cunard fan and to date have some 247 nights on board with them covering five Cunard Line ships.

Cunard do offer a sophistication and ambiance that offers an experience that harkens back to what may be referred to as the 'golden' age of cruising...

Sailing with Cunard gives a feeling of a sense of occasion every evening on board whether it be stepping out on one of the largest ballrooms at sea, listening to classical or cocktail music in one of the elegant bars, or savouring the delights of the cuisine.

The Ballroom...

...and the only Planetarium at sea...

I'd be the first to admit that Cunard is not to everyone's taste. What they do do, however, is allow guests to step out of their everyday lives and into a world of tuxedos, cocktails and a distinct style of luxury cruising.

Fourteen months ago my wife and I had the pleasure of sailing trans-Atlantic on Cunard's 175th Anniversary crossing between Liverpool and Halifax.

A full review of that particular experience can be found on my cruise blog page...