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Who has cruised Princess?


We have not but will be in December. Out TA shared a whole bunch of info, and we read reviews of others, looked at photos and have asked a bunch of questions. It's not an easy decision. There are a number of enticing lines! Before this we had been on RCI twice. Love that too.


Hi Wendy :) Welcome to cruisingTalk.:biggrinbounce2:
I have sailed on Sun Princess in the Caribbbean in 2005, and hopefully aim to travel on Star Princess in November ?
princess cruises


yes WENDY have traveled on princess..DAWN PRINCESS :laughalot: was very enjoyable:dancing_banana: everyone was more then pleasent..am going on the diamond in april to hawaii..:)

john bull

Hi Wendy
We did transadlantic on Sea Princess in April, it was great all round.
Have just booked Canada-Carribean for Octber 2008 on Sea Princess again.

Johnb Bull


We've travelled on the Sun and Sea. Our daughter got married on the Sea Princess. Enjoyed both cruises.



Yep just back from Crown Princess sailing out of New York. Also been on Coral, Sea and Dawn Princesses.

Have to say prefer smaller boats (70,000-90,000 Tonne 2000 passenger). Although the Crown was nice the central forum was definitely more cramped than the older boats as Princess attempt to cram in more cabins. Also seemed to have less straightforward deckplans , particularly aft , where you had to climb to deck 18 (yes 18) to get round the boat.

Dining service very good, but although we were on second seating dinner, through choice, we initially did not have the table we wanted. It seems that "anytime dining" is having an effect and even though you may initially have a table for 8 , people dissappear and reappear as they take advantage of many of the dining options on board. Some even come for a guest appearance if they have elected "anytime dining" and the allotted dining room is full. For those of us who prefer good conversation over dinner, this was bad news.

Shore Excursions very expensive- better to research ports before you get on ship and organise something yourself. However this is true of most cruise lines.

Princess UK also failed to send tickets on time despite having booked 9 months previously and we seemed to have various admin hiccups throughout the cruise culminating in not getting transfer tickets at end of the voyage

Staff at Adagio bar superb!!!!!

Have a great time



Hi Wendy....I have cruised on the Princess Dawn and the Crown last year. We are cruising to Hawaii this November on the Diamond. Guess you can tell we love it! Will be happy to answer any questions you may have


Oh..my goodness...I thought initially that the name of the post was...who IS a cruise princess...immediately I thought...ME! :biggrinbounce2:
Rereading it correctly now....nope...have never cruised Princess.....

:laughalot: Karyn :laughalot:


My wife and I have been credited with 123 nights on various Princess ships and we have the crystal from them to prove it. We started with Princess in the Med back in 1992.Strangely enough I would be hard pressed to say they are our favorite cruiseline. We prefer Celebrity or Holland America but we have sailed on many different cruiselines. It all depends on the itinerary as far as we are concerned.:cool:


Enjoyed the Dawn to Alaska a few years ago.

Looking forward to an upcoming free "P" cruise - as a travel agent, I recently completed their online training course (it's awesome, by the way) and so I get a free Princess cruise. But I'm holding out for something really cool - not a 3 night Pacific coastal. (lol)


I was on Sea Princess in June and thought it was a nice ship. I was also on Crown Princess in early 2006. There are some photos of the ships on my website and an interview that I did with the captain of Crown Princess. Crown Princess and seaprincess

It was interesting to contrast the two ships. Sea Princess is targeted to the British market and seems more restrained than Crown, which is targeted to the American market. Does any one agree?


Hi lake5298,:) see you cruised on Star Princess, how did you find her? thinking of booking for cruise in November.


Hi Middy

We found Star Princess to be very good in almost all respects.

On our two cruises on Golden (a sister ship) we found that often meals and especially soups were served cool... while on Star (and more recently Caribbean) the food was piping hot all cruise. I don't know if this is due to a modified galley design on the ships built later, or a change in procedures which would also have improved Golden & Grand.

My only disappointment with Star was the "Oasis" bar & pool at the stern... on Golden (& Grand) this area has 2 hot tubs, and as such is a quiet, mainly adult, area.

On Star and Caribbean, this area has 1 hot tub, 1 paddling pool (where the other hot tub was) and 1 swimming pool. This has made the area much noisier and not really ideal for sitting quietly with a book and a beer.

We found the crew to be above average for Princess... good bar staff, who always mix a bit too much of your cocktail (accidentally, of course) so you get another half glass.

The "Grand" class (and the "Gem" class) princess ships are astounding... a world away from the "Sun" class ships... there is so much to do and so many places to be, that you don't notice the crowds.

Highly recommended.


Thanks for the review :) I'm not a swimming pool fan anyway, tend to read me book on shady side of deck away from the crowds. As long as the food and service is good I'm more than happy. :)


For relaxing with a book, the Promenade deck is usually quiet, and has reclining traditional steamer chairs.

If you can afford a balcony cabin, then you've got all the peace and quiet to enjoy your book and room service for drinks and snacks....