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Which Island in the Caribbean Do you Love the best


Have you got a particular favourite island. or place.

Mine has to be Roatan, part of Honduras. The island is unspoilt and very natural. There is nothing built on it to make it space age and out of place.

If you have the chance to go try Marble Hill Farm. One of the most beautiful spots in the world as far as I am concerned.This is a small farm in which the owners make their own jams. You can visit their home and gardens. I would die to have a garden like theirs. I have uploaded a couple of photos onto the photo gallery.

Even try Dixon Bay for a visit of the Mayor's island and all the shipwrecks. You even get the chance to see a wonderful cultural show.


We were in Roatan, one of the Bay Islands off Honduras last year May, and I'll agree it's a beautiful island. We were on the west side. On the way to the west side, we toured the Roatan Butterfly Farm and the Botanical Gardens.
I think I'd say Aruba is my favorite Caribbean Island


Difficult to answer as have only visited a few. My favourite from last years cruise was Dominica, but may need to update after this Decembers cruise.


We did a tour booked over internet. Went with group we had communicated with over internet. Got some pictures somewhere will have to work out how to put them on. Might have to wait until my son comes to visit.
Middy :wave:


Tried to sort the pictures out but no luck. There are some great ones of us splashing around in the emerald pool, hasn't seemed to knock 10 years of yet.:biglaugh: