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Where are the Puerto Limon and Puerto Moin, Costa Rica Webcams?

:cry::cry: The Panama Canal stands open to all the world to see in all of it's Historical Glory! Why doesn't Costa Rica do the same with the two Caribbean Ports of Puerto Limon, the reason Costa Rica has its name today and Puerto Moin, where 80% of Costa Rica's imports and exports are exchanged? Confused in Costa Rica!!


JOB for YOU, Weatherguesser:joy: Encourage someone to host a webcam in Costa Rica....AND welcome to the Forum

Costa Rica is definitely on my list of places "I have not been, but places I want to go!!!!!!" EVERY THING I have ever heard, makes it sound like "MAYBE I WANT TO LIVE THERE"


Costa Rica

We were on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. I just loved our day there. We went up to the Volcano and it was not cloudy, so we actually got to see it.

Then had a fantastic lunch at a ranch high up in the mountains. For the birds watchers it was a wonderful place to see and photo different species. Great colony of Macaws. It is wonderful to see the birds in a natural way...not in a cage.

We bought wooden items made there and have enjoyed them immensely.
The people were very friendly and as a side benefit...very good looking !

We have friends that vacation there every year. It is a great country to see nature and the nuture they are giving to their environment.

Anyone that gets a chance to go there should make tracks.


HOW GREAT is this.....Have had some PMs from Weatherguesser.....he is Weatherman in Puerto Limon

MUST arrange CAM there....somehow.....JEFF.....HELP........
11Jan2006-Queen Mary 2 in Puerto Moin, Costa Rica

:roll: Why do I keep making waves? The QM2 is here tomorrow! With no Port Cam in Puerto Moin, Costa Rica once again "misses the boat" by not having a live Webcam. Cryin' out to the Cruise Community (HELP US, Please). Does the QM2 have a live Webcam? I'll try to take some GREAT Digital PIX tomorrow and upload them to our Blog Page in the nighttime. I know Wolfgang-Liz and Jeff will LOVE them!


Sure hope you can get some shots.
I am another fan of QM2 having seen her in Madeira in April 2003, on her inuragual season.
She is seen with her then sister ship Caronia ( now Saga Ruby)
QM2 & Adrian & Jackie.jpg
QM2 & Caronia.jpg
QM2 in Madeira.jpg
QM2 & Caronia in Madeira.jpg