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What made you choose Princess Cruises for first cruise ?


What made you choose Princess Cruises for first cruise ?

How did you decide upon Princess Cruises for your first cruise ?

Did you then go on to cruise more with them or did you decide on different cruiseline next time ? and if so what affected your decision ?


Pam in CA

My first cruise was on RCCL because that was what my former mother-in-law liked to sail and she was paying the bills.

The decision to cruise Princess for the first time was equally mundane: my sister, brother-in-law and a group of friends were taking the (original) Royal Princess from Manaus to San Juan and I decided to join them.

Princess is still my preferred line but I'm a 3-star Mariner on HAL and have taken RCCL four times and Celebrity once.


Staff member
Our first cruise was not on Princess. Our first time we did cruise on Princess was decided because of location and price. Our first time on Princess was on the Sun Princess when she was new and it went to Alaska. We have cruised many times on Princess since that cruise and so far it is our favorite cruise line.
Sailing on Princess worst mistake we ever made as cruisers. B o r I n g. I an 71 and I felt like a teen after compared to the other passengers. Most were ill or infirm. Like sailing on a floating old sage home. Never again.