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What is there to see/do in Mexico?


Whether you choose the Riviera or the Yucatan Peninsular, what is there to do or see there?

Is it very touristy or are there some architectural/history gems to be found?

What are the best and worst buys?


I would love to know this as well, I was thinking where should our next cruise be and this was an option.


I love it! Hmmmm....what to see...do? Well, you can wake up in the morning to the sound of the sea and the beauty of the sunrise.
-Gather your things and head to the beach to snorkel. The fishies and colors down on the reef system are breath taking! Also..snuba, scuba, or just swim.
-Head off to see the ruins...stand and take in life long ago that we cant even imagine...
-Head to one of the port towns for a beer and some shopping. You can fill your bag with everything from fine jewelry to hand carved bowls and pots.
-Lay on the beach and dig your toes into the sand and just relax your day away..
-Head for adventure with either the dune buggy beach rides, Jeep tours, Hikes, Biking, Kayak, Parasailing, Zip Line rides...
-Get back to nature and visit Iguana farms, see monkeys, Parota. Swim with manatees, sharks, sting rays..
-Hang out with the locals...they are wonderful! Just pull a chair up at any tavern or open air restaurant and order food and drink.
-Go see the Garfuna people and dancers...

OMG!...This is only the start....no matter what your fantsy...the carib is wonderful and when you haul your tired sun drenched body back on board...you will wonder why you waited so long to enjoy such wonderful places...



You really make it sound wonderful. I would like to go there on a vacation. As far as me wanting to snorkel I dont think so.I feel that I am a little to old for that.But some of the other things you have mentioned I would love to do.


Are you ever too old to snorkel? If you can manage to get into the water, you can snorkel with little effort. It's a great free feeling to be able to swim with the fish! :)

Don't forget to eat! Mexico has some delicious seafood and well, Mexican food. LOL I've had the best ever tacos and nachos in Mexico...fresh salsa! yummm.

Visite México