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What draws you to NCL?


Staff member
What do you like about NCL that makes you want to cruise with them?

Norwegian Cruise Line talks about their freestyle cruising. To me the only real difference is that there is no assigned dining times, table or dining room. Other then that there really is no difference in things to do over other cruise lines. I have cruised on NCL and probably will do so again. I enjoyed the cruises I have taken on NCL. I also worked for NCL and here is where I have a problem with NCL policies. I will not state these problems because they really may or may not affect your opinion of NCL and I do not want to do that.

Please let us know what you like about the line so others may decide to cruise with them.


Sometime I might cruise again with NCL but it all depends on itinerary and price
I did go on a short 2 day cruise several years ago and enjoyed it

Now what's all this I read in " Travel Pulse " april 7th

Norwegian Cruise Line have ended its relationship with " Cruise Complete "
"In a letter announcing the decision, Camille Olivere, senior vice president of sales-the Americas for Norwegian, asked travel agents to “cease to bid on Norwegian Cruise Line product effective immediately"
Also in the article they said “It has also come to Norwegian’s attention that some travel partners have chosen to bid down their commission or otherwise use net rates which are intended for packaging purposes to discount Norwegian Cruise Line’s product,”

This is what I think about it....Are NCL making a mountain out of a molehill ?
Surely the whole point is to sell cruises and if some travel agents decide to reduce the commission they get, in favour of us, the customer, then why should the cruise line interfere ?

Pam in CA

Jack, I suspect the reason is similar to what other lines have said when referring to price discounts which was that different pricing "confused" potential passengers. Of course, manufacturers don't say that about Walmart or Target but this is the excuse the cruise lines give. :) As a bargain hunter myself, I don't get confused by lower prices. I celebrate!


Staff member
Like any other business NCL is trying to find ways to get more money in their pockets. It really should not matter to them if a travel agency cuts their commission. The exception is that a cruise line pays a base commission, but the more you sell the higher the commission. Where I see a problem is that if the travel agent is having the passenger pay directly to the cruise line, which many do, it creates a book keeping problem for NCL. They are suppose to pay the travel agent a specific commission now they have to spend the time to figure out what the changes are on many passengers payments. If the TA is taking the full payment and then paying the cruise line what is truly owed the cruise line there is no problem for the cruise line.

Another problem may be that people are hearing of the discounts through various TA'a and then contacting NCL and saying why are we not getting that discount.

I worked for NCL and I had many arguements with management there on what I felt they should do to get more passengers, but unfortunately some of their people making the decisions were just accountants and did not really know what the passenger wanted or needed. It was all what the paper says. I would still cruise on NCL but it is not my first choice. I would still cruise with them because the crew does want to give a positive experience and do care about the passenger.


I cruise with NCL because I have never had a bad cruise. We also cruise on other lines. If we find a good deal, we're in!