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What draws you to Celebrity


Staff member
What draws you to cruising on Celebrity?

I have cruised on Celebrity and I did have a great cruise, not my best cruise but a great cruise. I found the ship to be quite beautiful, better then what I saw in the brochures and on various web sites. I thought the crew did an excellant job. I have heard people brag about the food on Celebrity, however that was one of my disappointments on the ship. I may not have the right taste buds for Celebrity cooking but I have several chefs in my family and was raisedon good food Celebrity just did not work for me with the food.

I am sure I will cruise with them again because they are a great cruise line and because they do give excellent service.


Staff member
When I think of Celebrity I think of a bit "higher end" and more luxury. If that is true in the end I don't know. But I would try it.

Although I hear they aren't as good with small kids?

Pam in CA

I was very disappointed by my Celebrity cruise last year and found it no better, or worse, than Princess, HAL and RCCL. Tiny, narrow balcony cabin with only 11" between the end of the bed and the wall. I couldn't use the desk and chair without pushing the table against and over the tiny couch that had to be angled because it didn't fit in the space. No mini-bar, no WiFi anywhere on the ship other than in the Internet Cafe, and "mystery meat" entrees that rivaled what I got at boarding school decades ago. Neither mine nor my sister's toilets worked for three days and the only response when reported was, "You, too?" And no self-serve laundry onboard. Cargo shorts in the dining room at dinner and t-shirts and jeans (and more cargo shorts) on formal nights. Indifferent bar/lounge staff who didn't crack a smile. My dining waitstaff was excellent as was the lounge entertainer. Drink prices were far higher than on Princess and HAL. It was absolutely, positively not a cut above or luxury cruise. It was very expensive, too.


negative reviews concerning the cruise aren't numerous
...and it is a good sign...as I have already booked a cruise)

Warner Athey

Celebrity ships are faster that Carnival. I went to Bermuda from Norfolk on the Celebrity Horizon. It took us 2 nights to get there. We will be
going to bermuda on the Carnival Splendor. The Splendor takes 3 nights to get to Bermuda. It is much slower.