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Western Caribbean


Cruise Comedian
Welcome to the family, Mike.

In Cozumel, I like to taxi into town to Poncho's Backyard at Los Concos Soles for the best guacamole and peach margaritas on the planet, then shop my way back toward the ship.

In Jamaica, I recommend the Dunn River Falls excursion to Ocho Rios, a light energy climb up the falls in the water (you don't have to climb if you don't want to - there are stairs and platforms for watching the others).

In Grand Cayman, I suggest one of the shuttle tours that include Hell and the Turtle Farm. Then on subsequent visits (and believe me when I say there WILL be), rent a scooter and explore on your own, including the damage still left from Hurricane Ivan in Sept 2004 - these are wealthy people stuck on a little island way out there with scarce materials. And driving on the other side of the road, as well as traffic circles that go the opposite way (clockwise), just add to the adventure.

Enjoy your cruise,
I've made that one several times,


Go to Hell????

Mark, did you just tell Mike to go to Hell???

Welcome aboard!

Here's another vote for Pancho's Backyard! Although, I have not tried the peach margaritas, I can vouch for the guacamole!!!

I have not done Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios - did have tickets but the tour was rained out! On my list for next time though.

I've been to Hell and the Turtle Farm (I love the turtles!) which are both something to see as Mark said the first time around. I hope it is not too crowded for your first visit to Grand Cayman. Driving in Grand Cayman? Not me...I guess I am not that adventurous!!!

Whatever you choose to do, you will have a great cruise! Enjoy!



Cruise Comedian
Terry, I thought I was being subtle in sending Mike to Hell.;)

Mike, I forgot to mention my other favorite excursion at Cozumel - the glassbottom boat that goes around that beautiful reef, great for those of us who love water but rarely get in it. I've been on it several times with different people. I've cruised 9 times so far, and I think all of them included Coz. I got tired of the glassbottom tour, but the Poncho's "guac & rita" tour never gets old.:D



Dune buggy

I was just in Cozumel on February 4th and while I did not care for the tendering, I was there 2 years ago when we could dock, and the hurricane really did a number on that docking area, I did the dune buggy excursion (4-1/2 hrs.) and had a ball. You can drive your own dune buggy (4 passenger) and our guide who was in the front vehicle (Eduardo), was wonderful. We drove all across the island and stopped at 2 beaches; 1 for snorkeling and 1 for an authentic beach mexican barbecue. It was scrumptuous - and fun. Then shopped my way back to the Ship (Grandeur of the Seas)


Not sure how you feel about a rather long excursion. But we did the trip to Tulum in Cozumel. I think it was about 7 hrs. from the time we left the ship until we returned. But I had always wanted to visit some Mayan ruins. In G. Cayman we did the Hell, turtle farm, and Stingray City tour which was great. We are planning on doing the Dunn's River falls this year since the last time we were there we just walked around. Cant wait until sept. myself.:)


18 Fan,
Watch the shoulder if you do Dunns River.
I opted out to take photos, but watched my husband who found the rocks very slippery.
He found it better NOT to form a chain, as people either;
a) pulled you too hard :
b) pulled you into the water, when they overbalanced.
He prefered to rely on his own balance.



Welcome to the family.

In Cozumel, I give a thumbs up to Tulum.

In Ocho Rios, Dunns River Falls (did this on 2 trips). The last time we did a combined Dunns River Falls and a swim with the Dolphins.

In GC, another alternative is snorkeling and Sting Ray City.