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Vision Of The Seas Sailaway From Alesund, Norway


hello there cruisers! here is a video of the Vision Of The Seas leaving the port of Alesund, Norway.

and here's the videos description:-
I don't start my videos with an apology, but I am going to with this one. Firstly, I am sorry about my fingers. If you watch this video for more than a minute then you will see a strange object appear in the bottom side that slowly covers the bottom half of the screen, that is my finger covering the camera. Probably a mix of an unfamiliar phone and a fear of dropping my new phone into the sea is why that is there so I am sorry. Secondly, I am sorry for the sound. Again, I was unaware of where the microphone was on my phone so I end up keep covering it with my hand, so I am sorry. Thirdly, I am sorry for the shakiness of the video. It was very windy, kinda raining and I was cold, so I am sorry. But once you take out all of those points, what a great video we have here! This was the main sailaway I wanted from this trip, and in fact was the only sailaway I got. I was lucky to be so up close to this sailaway, and also lucky with the port as it goes out and then turns which looks amazing. Excluding the three things mentioned above, I am very happy with this video, and I hope you are too and let me off for the slight problems of the video.