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Viewing in Alaska


Staff member
One of the great things about going to Alaska is that there are so many things to see. Here are a couple tips for viewing.

When near the glaciers people want to see them calve. To watch for a calving you should look at the base of the glacier where it meets the water. When you see small splashes that means the glacier is cracking directly above the splashes so look at the glacier here and it will drop some ice.

When whale watching look from the spray from the blowhole. The spray will go anwhere from 20 to 40 feet in the air and you will most likely see that before the whale. There are some places better to watch for whales then others. Orca's go in pods and they are common in the area between Vancouver and the Inside Passage as well as in Juneau and Whittier. Humpbacks can be anywhere but Juneau is one of the best Tas well as going into glacier bay or in and out of Skagway.

Sea Otters can be seen many times near the ships when in port. They will also be seen on many water tours. They are fun to watch.

In the early cruise months watch the mountainsides. With snow melting you will see thousands of waterfalls.