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[VIDEO] Port Of Stavanger Sailaway



Here it is, the final sailaway from onboard the Adventure Of The Seas on our one week cruise around the Norwegian Fjords. This is also the final video I have of the holiday, which is probably why it is also the longest... not wanting to let go and all that. So this video is filmed from deck 4 right at the back of the ship. It features the port of Stravager, as well as the other ship docked there, the AIDAsol. It also features a lot of conversation, please feel free to ignore this as it is not relevant to the video directly, although it is mostly about the cruise, so I guess it is kind of relevant in a sense. Although this is the final video, it is not the final day of the holiday. Yes a whole day at sea lies ahead after this video was filmed. I was hoping for rough seas or even northern lights to allow another video to be filmed, but the seas were too nice and it was too cloudy at night. Although I did hear that the week before was very rough. That's just my luck eh!