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Vanuatu Overview


Discover the Vanuatu Islands, The Friendly Face of the Pacific!

Made up of 80 islands strung out in the shape of a "Y" and covering a total land area of 12,189 km2, Vanuatu - "The Land which has always Existed" brings to mind a vision of timeless tranquillity.

Formerly known as the New Hebrides, the country was run (up until 1980 when it became independent) as a Condominium with administration being shared between Britain and France. Consequently there is a strong French influence evident in this beautiful country with most of the 180,000 inhabitants speaking both French and English as well as the national language Bislama - a form of Pidgin English.

Whether it’s the excitement of witnessing the death-defying ‘Land Divers of Pentecost’ plummet earthwards or discovering the delights of it’s underwater wonderworld, Vanuatu - the timeless lands - will captivate you.

All text in this thread is courtesy of the South Pacific Islands Tourist Information Agency.