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Vancouver Cams


I know Canada is hot,hot hot.
Just after we left in 2003( mid July) there were forest fires in the areas where we had driven through, Shuswap Lake, Jasper etc.
No we did not light fires, just drove past.


Don't I know that. Let's see land holiday didn't go as planned. Radiator decided that it would like to be replaced in Barkerville, or in other words the middle of no where on a long weekend. Managed to nurse Van home for a unplanned trip to get rad replaced then head back out to the interior of the province where we had severe thunderstorms while staying in a tent. Can you say fun. South of us the campground got hit with 1 inch hail. We missed that. :D

We had a great time other than those incidents.

Phil where the current temp is 36C and climbing.....


The only place I want to pitch a tent on vacation is in the Embassy Suites Atrium ! :joy:-

Anyplace else and I would be pitching a fit in the tent that I was pitching ! :D

And believe me the tent would be Pitched !