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Vancouver Cams


The quality of the pictures on the 3 Vancouver Cams - KatCam, Port of Vancouver(when it refreshes) and Canada Place is being
affected by a large fire south of the city. It started on Sunday in a
large area known as Burns Bog. This area sits on large beds of
peat and the fire has moved underground, where it spreads in
unknown directions, breaking out again on the surface. There
are firefighters from various agencies on the ground, assisted by water bombers dropping fire retardant and water as well as
helicopters doing the same. Shifting winds have blown the smoke
in all directions. It has travelled west as far as Nanaimo on central
Vancouver Island and into Whatcom County in northern
Washington State to the south.
It is even noticeable here on southern Vancouver Island.
Dry weather this summer has
reduced the natural water table so the peat is quite dry to a depth
of several feet. There is no forecast as to when this fire may be
extinguished. It is having negative affects on those with
respiratory problems and also reducing visibility on the roads.
As well, it is very close to the flight path into Vancouver
International Airport from the east.

Number One song right now - the old favorite "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes".

more info: http://start.shaw.ca/start/enCA/News/NationalNewsArticle.htm?src=n091374A.xml


Burns Bog Fire Vancouver


I have just returned from our cruise on the Mercury and I can say without a doubt, the Burns Bog fire is all but out. We live 1 kilometer east of where the fire started with a view overlooking the bog. The day the fire started, we were placed under evacuation notice in case the winds shifted. Luckily the winds remained from the south to north. The fire raged for 3 days uncontained as it started to go underground which happens in bog fires. News media with microwave trucks all over our neighborhood and lots of onlookers.
Just before we left on our cruise, we woke up one morning and our house just reeked of smoke. We had to take all our clothes we had packed for the cruise and get them re-washed and dry cleaned again.
When we returned yesterday, the smoke smell was gone from the house and I can't see any smoke coming up from the bog.

Here are some photos taken on the first day of the aerial bombardment from the back patio of my house. There were 5 Bell Rangers with water buckets, 3 medium sized bombers dropping retardant along the leading edges to slow the fire from spreading, 1 Martin Mars water bomber called the Hawaii Mars which is stationed over on Vancouver Island and is the largest water bomber in the world and 1 bird dog plane which makes runs over the fire telling the bombers where to drop their load. It went on for 2 days from sunrise to sunset.
My sincerest congrats to those pilots and our Delta Fire Department for keeping the fire from consuming more of the bog and possibly my home of 25 years!



Two new Vancouver Harbour Webcam

I have not seen it posted here yet. It appears the Bayshore Hotel in Coal Harbour now has a webcam.

It is pointed east. On the left is Stanlry Park with HMCS Discovery to the right in the foreground. Canada Place would be on the right side and ships would arrive from left to right.

There is also another one at UBC that appears pointed north towards Bowen Island and Horeshoe Bay. Port of Vancouver should be on the right side. Ships would arrive left to right.

Now we will see if Jeff can post this new cam.



I cannot get the 2nd as it has Amex control; something to do with pop ups no doubt which we block.
However the first is showing well- but surely it should be dark in Vancouver now, -8hrs BST?that should make it 23.00 in Vancouver.
Looking at the time 7 date, it does not appear to be refreshing.
Vancouver at night.jpg


Jakie i can get in mine and have pop ups blocked think you might have to download amex i dont know for sure did you get a yellow barr across the top asking if you wanted to download it anyway its safe to do as ive never had no trouble with it i use n.i.s


Phil...thanks for posting those links! :clap: First one, I agree Jackie, should be 'dark' for us...I'm checking in around 8:25pm Wednesday 12 July...know it says 'live' but certainly not at the moment...however.....when it is 'live' should be a spectacular cam...what a view. :joy:

2nd one is (rightly so) very dark at the moment...will check in (my) a.m. Thanks again Phil :D


8) 8) links, Phil.

Interesting on the Westin cam.......(see Jackie's capture)......you get a larger picture than the one that shows on the cam, WITH a time stamp in the lower left corner.....showing July 6.

Can't wait to see the other one, when the sun comes up:D


I look at the raw feed and notice a date of July 7th at 07:40. This doesn't appear on the first link I posted. When I looked at it yesterday the photo looked correct because it was still daylight here and overcast.

I guess time will tell if this came will be good.

The other cam has a 2 second update.

We will see,




The picture I am getting is the same July 7 from before, even thought the time
stamp seems to be live.
Look at the cloud formation and the ships in the harbour, then compare with the
raw feed link that you posted earlier. Would be nice to get this camera
going but there could be a linking problem.



Get the current picture on the raw link. Power refresh does not change
the dead pic from the bayshore link. Anyone else getting the same or
other results? Sure hope we can get this running - it's such a great
view of the harbour.


The raw link seems to be working fine! Just caught Infinity on the cam. Leaving Vancouver a day late??? Schedule says she is cruising the Inside Passage today.



Another bulletin from CND tonight. NOT a bearing problem:pray: , Infinity had a short circuit in her port side propellar motor, so left a day late......stop in Sitka cancelled


Very nice capture of Vancouver today.

It doesn't get much better than this. Vancouver is suppose to top 30C today and up the valley (way in the distance) it will top 35+C. Tomorrow they are warning of temps of almost 40C up the valley.

And you thought Canada was all Ice and snow and one could ski all year round :p . Ok maybe you can ski in Whistler till mid August up on the Glacier.

Phil with no Air Condioning.