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Updated Look


Staff member
We are working on updating the look of the site. I hope you like the prelim and we will be tweaking for a week or so. So bare with the changes. Thanks!


Looks better, Rex....even if I am still not a fan of Xenforo over vB...but nowt I can change about that.

I would, however, ask if we could restore some of the original subsections, please....such as the weather section so that it's not buried (those threads can be quite important when sailing in the affected areas for both those on cruises and those about to do so). Many of the subsections were merged, some fit fine like that but others could do with being restored to avoid people getting muddled and lost and posts/threads being started in the wrong places.

JMO :)

Cheers matey :)


OK...daft question....

Is the "Hello & Welcome" sign up box always going to be there once logged in?

I still have it...not sure if it requires tweaking out or if it is a browser issue....


Incidently...my comments in my original post on this thread were not aimed to irritate exactly...in regard to the sectioning....it's just hard to find things now with it all butchered. And since I built the original CruisingTalk board in 2006 and updated the layout on an annual basis to the same well known and easy to follow formula to most other boards of this type, it now seems to have gone into a mish-mash of subjects that should have stayed seperated....no disrespect to Brent, but when he had the Mustang site it is something with few areas of discussion, whereas cruising is so completely different. Cruising has alot of different aspects and afterall said and done, if it ain't broke, don't fix it comes into play...the layout was similar to that of CC, CLF, CM not due to being a copycat but cos of ease of use/navigation and its what those who came here from the other sites were used to and by virtue of that, most who came here were not intimidated or put off from diving in...if that makes sense.

I mean, if it is going to keep Xenforo, well so be it...but can we at least have the layout back...yes there were alot of sections and subsections but that is a well tried, tested and successful formula.

Having to burrow your way through piles of threads to find a hurricane report....or repeating questions already posted but lost amongst the masses will inevitably pee people off and they will return to boards that they know where to look for things.

I spent several days thinking up and posting over 200 cruise related questions, they were posted in various areas onsite...gratuities, health & safety, dresscodes, dining etc...they are all mushed into one area now which is quite disappointing tbh.

Changing the format is one thing, but turning the board into a muddled mush on top is going to put our old regulars right off coming back....

Maybe it needs time to settle...Rex...I know from working with you on Trips and CLF in the past that you always used the formula that people enjoyed using...CLF and Trips still use it now, as does CC...

I think, personally, that you could bring many back here by reintroducing the original formula again...Xenforo should be able to cope with it...I would hope so, anyway.

Sorry..but you asked for thoughts....and I am not one to hold back as well you know Rex. It's just since this board in its original state was "my baby" it's really hard seeing it like this...


OK, any change requires getting used to. But what I truely miss is the previous menue point "RECENT POSTS...now I am obliged to check all items before i can fine what I am really interested in. Sorry, I do not have the time for this.
good luck


What I don't understand is why almost all posters regardless of their contributions are just called deckhands. Showing the number of posts made can give an indication of whether a member is new or a regular contributer whos posts made are worth looking at.Also by giving a different title to members who have made over 500 posts gives them a feeling that they are recognised for their contributions,Most other forums seem to have this in place.