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Uh oh.....Crown Princess in trouble....


Crown Princess...

Lancashirelad said:
Thanks for that link Liz, got a good clear view of her. Question, is Crown Princess the same design as Grand Princess? If so is there a design problem?
Well, the Crown Princess is closer in design to the Diamond/Sapphire Princess' than to the Grand/Golden/Star Princess'. But, while the Diamond/Sapphire were built in Japan by Mitsubishi, the Crown was built by Fincantieri who built the Grand/Golden/Star/Caribbean Princess'. So, what does that tell us... Not much... :? It just sounds like she had a mechanical problem and not a systemic problem.


Wow....I finally got back on the CC site at 9:50pm.... That site was down for hours.....Very overloaded...... Here's a post from Carol that is on the ship.... sounds very scary...

I am so angry that our first effort was lost. I'll try to remember everything that I just wrote.

We started to feel a slight lean, and I reassured Nancy that it was ok, then the slight lean became a sharp list, with a huge arc in the wake. Our nautical expert, Alan, says that it was at least a 12 degree list.

Deborah, also one of our CC group, was IN AN ELEVATOR when it happened. She's still shaking. CaroleLee was naked on a massage table in the Lotus Spa. As the ship listed, the equipment table next to her went sliding, and her table traveled about 15 feet across the corridor into a treatment room across the way. All of the Lotus Spa Pool is now in the Lotus Spa.

All of the pools are pouring down the aft staircase and aft elevator shafts.

We have now turned and are returning to Port Canaveral.

The contents of the gift shops are all over the floors, mostly smashed. The contents of the bars are on the floors, and equipment is leaning or fallen.

There is broken glass everywhere and many people are injured. There are children crying, and some passengers were handed life jackets by crew members.

This just made them more upset.

I see people limping, bloody feet and other cuts. Most of the people that we knw have wandered by and we know that they're ok. We are sitting outside the Explorers Bar.

More later.



Here's another post from Cruise Critic from doggfan7.......

An Update from the Crown...

First off, I will write up a review of the cruise after we get home (which even before the incident was one of our least favorite cruises and vowed not to return to Princess).

I was in the Emerald Deck hallway when it happened and found myself forced to the wall and unable to walk or move. I heard the sounds of kids crying and glass breaking and TV's falling off shelfs and truly felt that the ship was going to cap-size and we were all going to drown.

When we righted, I ran to the atrium to see the damage and what I saw simply amazed me. The shops were destroyed with all the glass shattered and display cases topppled over and merchendise all over the place (pictures of everything to come). The casino tables were toppled and chairs broken. I helped a lady climb out of a pile of chairs that attacked her. All of the books in the library had fallen off their shelfs and the Wheelhouse Bar model ships had been broken. I didn't realize the true extent of the damage until I went to the 5th deck on the floor of the Piazza.

I saw a man with a leg broken in half weeping and hobbling to his wife who was thrown to the other side. Blood was everywhere and grown men and women were crying holding each other. Escapes display cases were broken and the dining room and bar glasses and silverware were shattered and everywhere.

The crew of Princess was absolutely terrific and organized I felt and quickly setup a makeshift hospital in the Michalangelo Dining Room. Passenger EMT's, nurses, and docters took control of the hospital and quickly began assesing hundreds of injuries. One passenger in particular was a docter from NYC and actually took over the entire process and was quite efficient and heroic and the ship crew took orders from him. They used the table linens as blankets and arm slings.

We heard over the intercom a call of 'Code Alpha, Code Alpha, Code Alpha...stretcher team report to cafe caribe'. I overheard a passenger say that a dishwasher was injured severly by falling dishes and knives.

We are getting off tomorrow. Princess is refunding us the entire cruise but NOT covering our card expenses. They are refunding ALL travel expenses.

My mother was injured bad with 3 herniated disks and was sent to the hospital but is on her way back to the ship now.

All drinks for the rest of the cruise are free though, not that it really matters.

One thing that really bothered us is that Princess did not allow any family members to travel with those sent to the hospital, but did keep us in contact.

I will stay on with some other Cruise Critics here in the Internet Cafe to answer any questions.


Peebeegee said:
Same design as Grand but they added another deck; maybe a case of "A Deck Too Far" :eek:
Cheers. Paul
Like my grandmother always said " Short and wide " is better . ?? ( She followed her own advice ! )

Computer software clitch ? Possible since it was on autopilot.

If so, a rather dangerous programing mistake. :(

Everyone on board got a taste of the old time sailing...as in "Pirate " and actually sails.


One of the "Barbie Doll " newscasters just said in her breathless, brainless voice " It tilted 38 degrees "

Now where is she getting that amount ? And is it really correct ?

I would expect much more inside damage than shown if it had that amount of list.

Not a technical person, so don't know...just wondering.

Still sailing her in Feb. :joy:


Probably overloaded.

I checked it at 2:30 a.m. last night and it still hung up. Finally got in, most of the messages are just good wishes...there is some news posted from people on the ship.

By the time this is all over, the ship will have been said to float into the harbor upside down. It was serious but the conjecture is going full blast.


On one of the CC posts, (can't get in there now, either) a "resident technical expert" estimated the roll to be about 12 degrees.:confused:

Unless she was a destroyer, think she would have floated in upside down at 38 degrees. But, then again, Pride of Aloha had been sailing that way for weeks



Who is writing this stuff...this is off ABC news website ? Is anyone fact checking ? Doubt it...they don't fact check Whitehouse news !

Passengers on the ship were thrown into the ocean a
fter a steering problem caused the ship to tilt 30 degrees to the left right after it departed from Florida's Port Canaveral on its way to New York. The Cape Canaveral Fire Rescue Department said that an adult and a child were critically injured, 12 people were seriously injured and 70 people sustained minor injuries.



20 seriously hurt when cruise ship tips to side off Florida coast

July 19, 2006, 11:07 AM EDT

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. -- In an instant, passengers aboard The Crown Princess cruise ship went from sunbathing to clutching whatever they could as the massive ship rolled heavily to its side, throwing everything not nailed down against the deck and walls.

"Another 20 degrees and I would have been in the water," said Alfred Caproni, of North Adams, Mass., who was on his balcony on the ninth deck. "All the water from the pools was coming right over the edge. It was like Niagara Falls. There were dozens of people with bleeding noses."




On CNN, one Barbiebabble just mentioned that the 38 degree list was mentioned by a "passenger " that talked to "someone " who "looked like an Officer " that said it was a 38 degree list !

There you have it folks .....brillant, fact checked news !!!

This is why I always try to get multiple reports of anything..And reports from many countries....

Our news media has simply forgotten how to check the facts before they open their mouths...

Investigative journalism or simple accurate journalism is going out of style in order to make money and ratings.

Yes, it is a rant but I can remember when you could trust the news sources to have some validity. :mad:


From Princess Website -

- two statements from Princess, first from yesterday and second from today. No mention of passengers going overboard.


Crown Princess Statement

Updated 5:30 pm EST

After departure from Port Canaveral at approximately 3:25 pm eastern time today, Crown Princess experienced an unexpected list to the starboard side as she began sailing north towards her final port of New York.
Initial reports are that a number of passengers did sustain serious injuries. There are also numerous reports of injuries such as cuts, bruises and fractures. We are currently assessing the full extent of passenger injuries, and have returned the ship to Port Canaveral to transfer the more seriously affected passengers to a medical facility ashore.
We deeply regret this incident, and are doing everything we can to make our passengers as comfortable as possible under these difficult circumstances.
We are also investigating the cause of the ship's sudden list, which is unknown at this time. We can confirm that the watertight integrity of the ship has not been compromised, and it is safe for passengers to remain onboard while the ship is alongside in Port Canaveral.
The cruise will be terminated in Port Canaveral, and arrangements are being made to return the passengers home. A full refund will be given to passengers, together with a full reimbursement of any additional expenses.
We will provide details about the next cruise after we are able to fully evaluate the situation.
Crown Princess is currently on a 9-day Western Caribbean sailing, roundtrip out of New York, with calls at Grand Turk, Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman. Port Canaveral was the last port of call before returning to New York. For further information, contact 1-800-PRINCESS.

Crown Princess Statement 7/19/06

Updated 8:30 am PST

Crown Princess is currently docked at Port Canaveral, Florida, following a heavy list that occurred yesterday afternoon as the ship was sailing towards New York, and which caused a number of passenger injuries.
We would again like to extend our sincerest apologies to our passengers and crew on board Crown Princess for this unsettling incident, and also for any injuries they experienced.
We can confirm that there were approximately 240 passengers treated onboard for various injuries such as abrasions, bruises and fractures, of which 94 were transferred to local hospitals ashore for evaluation and treatment. All of these passengers have currently been released, with the exception of three passengers and two crew members who remain in the hospital but are, thankfully, expected to make a full recovery.
Approximately 1600 passengers have already disembarked Crown Princess and departed home. There are still approximately 1850 passengers still onboard and we are currently assisting them with their homeward travel arrangements.
As a result of the heavy list, there was also considerable superficial damage to the interior of the ship, and this is expected to be quickly repaired. The cause of the sudden list is still being assessed.


From Cruise Critics...lady onboard=

I posted this to another thread, but I wanted to post it here.

Hi, it's me, Nancy. Going home today. Some people are staying on till tomorrow. A few answers.

1. This was the most WONDERFUL cruise till then. The staff is fabulous. THere were a few hiccups, but overall delightful. Full report later.

2. I won my heat in Princess Pop Star. Of course there will be no finale. So I'm thinking this is the fates telling me something.

3. SOme have posted they will not travel with New Yorkers. They are missing out on some of the best cruising companions on the high seas. I met friendly, courteous people from the New York area everywhere. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have traveled with them.

4. If the ships listed 30 degrees we would not be here right now. I'm guessing 16 degrees STARBOARD! Some are saying port. I was on the port side, we saw sky, not water. 16 degrees is darn scary on a ship of this size and enough to injure people.

I will be home late tonight and give a full report tomorrow, but let me say this. Anytime, anywhere I'll sail her again without reservation or hesitation. I noticed this morning my legs are badly bruised and I was terrified, make no mistake, but I love this ship. I love the captain, the food, the service the ports. Until yesterday at 3:39 it was the best cruise of my life.

Still can't wait to go home and hug my kids. THe one thing I thought as it was happening was that I have a wonderful husband, whom I am very much in love with, four beautiful boys and that my husband and boys had one another if I died. I missed my husband, but a girls cruise was a treat I would remember forever, even without the added drama.

Will post later. To all those sending me well wishes, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, on a bad note. The photos are a free-for-all. Someone took our stack of photos and I have NO photos (okay, one) of myself on this cruise. I am heartsick. If anyone got me in a photo please e-mail it to me. IT would mean the world to me.


Amazing ! On CC some are already starting the conspiracy theories :roll:

Bad news sells...they have had 64, 000 hits on that thread over there and most of it is people posting shock and good wishes for passengers.

Of course, there are the usual that are over the top with their comments.

This was unfortunate but it is not a matter of world peace. "Tears streaming down my face, too distraught to talk ? " Huh ?

"Princess Grand Class Ships doomed " Huh ?

It will be a problem getting a flight for many people, but as I understand it, they can stay on the ship. They don't have to try and find a hotel, pay top dollar or sleep on the street.

Anybody want to make a guess as to how many lawsuits ? Demands for free cruising for the rest of my life ?


I can't help thinking this might be a draft issue. QE2 and QM2 have a draft of 32 feet, but Grand Princess only has a draft of 26 feet 3 inches. I have not been able to find the draft for Crown Princess. Ok this might just be me making the case for "liners" over "cruise ships".