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Troublemakin Tavern ~ Happy Hour ~


Hello Folks are you ready for a drink?
It's Miller Time!!!
First round is on me guys!!!

On to 40K Posts!!!!
I have alot of Respect for you all in how you handled your-selfs!!
You really are a Good Group!:dancing_banana:
This is the Most Fun Merry Making Group I have Seen!!! :)
A Toast to the Troublemakers!!!!!


Can I just interupt your thread, please guys.

As one who knows about these things first hand, I, and the rest of the team here, would really really appreciate it alot if you don't mention another site or what has happened there, please.

I'm sure that you can understand the reasons for asking you this little favour.

Thank you everyone :eek:


Ohhh..so new in the new town and the bar is one of the first up and running!

Chuck...your putting your houses up faster that a run on the monopoly board! LOL...ROF...
Ally...just wait...you will step out for lunch and Mr. Chuck will have his virtual reality town up and running....
Who is the bartender?


Could I have a Glenfiddich please?

No ice...I like my whisky straight...:)

Thank you...and heres to a bright future to all of you :beerchug:


Thanks for the drinks. Welcome to our friendly little site. We are pleased you are all here.

Long may you stay and have fun.


Glen Fiddich..never heard of it!

Chuck...I could not keep all the drinks straight on this side of the water...let alone all these new drinks being tossed at me. Is the bar tender a brit?
Need to get the translator going....

Dixie...(whisky stick) have you had this whiskey?