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Tropicana Cruises

Hello !

I would like to inform you that my favourite cruise ship, ADRIANA, unfortunately not SOLAS 2010 compliant, was sold to a new (russian ?) cruise company, Tropicana Cruises for cruises from Cuba.

The ship, now refflagged under the St Kitts & Nevis flag, is currently in Gibraltar. I hope all the best for this fantastic ship.

She is the former ADRIANA III of Plein Cap Croisieres, the little french company who will use the VISTAMAR next year.

Sorry for my bad english...



Hi Mickael

You do well with your English.

Many thanks for the news but had to remove the link as they are not allowed.

Lets hope she continues in service for a long time with her new owners.
Dear lovers of Adriana and Cruises in general,
Dear Mickael,
Dear Neil,

Thank you for your interest in our company and the cruise that we are currently offering - "Around Cuba + Jamaica (8 days 7 Nights)" it starts off with just €785.

If you are interested in it, please visit tropicanacruises.com,

Best Regards to all of you.


Now Solas 2010 Compliant !

News on the ship according to the Tropicana Cruises website is that the ship is now Solas 2010 complaint !

Cruises start from Havana on a Saturday and are priced from US $997 for a 7 night cruise.

Fares do not include flights to Havana.

Map of the cruise destinations and picture of the ship below -
29.10 ADRIANA.jpg


Half Price Cruises !

On the Tropicana Cruises website they are offering a cruise for two persons for the usual fare for one person until the end of May 2011.

Fares start from Euros 785 for a seven night cruise.

It is expected that extras, such as port charges etc, will still apply to each passenger.

Their cruises depart from Cuba but an option is availabe to join the cruise in Jamaica.

Air fares to join the cruise are not included in the fares quoted.


Tropicana Cruises have started a new cruise from Havana with their classic cruise ship Adriana.

Calls with be made at Trinidad, Grand Canyman, and Progresso in Mexico.

Map of the new route below -
07.08 tropicana cruises.jpg