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Travalution awards.

has everyone seen the results for the travelution awards?
Some of these results shocked me, some of the companies i'd never heard of!?
but anyway for the big events like best cruise line (the ones we care for) and best cruise line, i agree with them. P&O won best cruise line, i think it goes on all all round basis, such as price, food etc.
what do you all think about this?
here are the results: http://www.travolution.co.uk/articles/2012/10/24/6113/travolution-awards-2012-the-winners-revealed.html


I was thinking exactly the same, I am intrested in awards and so on.. I saw your post about the Travalution awards and I had to comment my opinions on it!

I totally agree that P&O won best cruise line, I haven't travelled with them before but what I can read and the reviews I have saw on P&O are amazing!

I agree with the 'Best Travel information website' is lonley planet because that's where I find most my information to do with travel and find it very easy and useful to use.

But most of the companies who won specific things I have never heard of!

I find it really intresting talking about peoples opinions on these awards! :)
Yeah, i guess we don't know about them because we are to busy cruising! :cool:
P&O definately deserved the best cruise line, they are the best all round cruise company, even though they have had a lot of problems in the past. Where did you find these reviews? :)