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Thomsons Topaz

Topaz (2008-On)
The Topaz (1997-2008)
Olympic (1995-1997)
Fiesta Marina (1993-1994)
Carnivale (1975-1993)
Queen Anna Maria (1965-1975)
Empress of Britain (1955-1965)

the topaz has much history to her and shows with her clasical style it is also the only cruze i have seen that has all drinks and all food included and avalable 24 hours a day. id give this cruse 9/10 and will sugest it to anyone

sadly the ship may possibily be scraped soon due to its age :bawling: on the other hand i hope they decide to protect the ship :biggrinbounce2:


The Topaz was my first cruise back in November 1998. A fantastic week around the Canaries, Madeira and Morocco. My next cruise is on the MSC Preziosa in November, a slightly newer and bigger ship.