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Thomson Dream 12 October 2010


Hotel Ibis Luton

Check in procedure was straightforward. The staff were friendly and helpful. Only problem was they were French and at times it was difficult to understand them.

The room was a nice size. The bed was comfortable, Tea and coffee facilities were provided as was internet access at a cost.

The shower was excellent. The towels provided were thin and small,

The bar was nice and prices reasonable. There was a café selling food at fair prices, A Cooked breakfast is available at £6.95

Thomson Airways

The seats were pre allocated to us before check in, so we were unable to sit with my sister. Not a system I like. Apart from that check in was straight forward.

Our flight was delayed for 1.5 hours due to the French Air Traffickers strike. We also hit storms over Majorca which resulted in further delays.

On our flight home we all sat together. The crew on the way home were not a s friendly or helpful as those on the way out.


Check in

After collecting our luggage we went in search of a Thomson rep. They were difficult to find. We did find one who directed us to door 6, where we were directed to our coach. It was a bit of a free for all to get on the coach. We were given a health form to complete. After a 20 minute ride we arrived at the port. Our coach went into a queue. One by one the coaches were called forward to unload the luggage. We had to stay on the coach. We then were driven to the terminal. At the terminal we were given a welcome drink. Then ushered to a desk to collect our key cards. Then ushered to another desk to check in. Then sent outside to identify our luggage and place room numbers on them. I found the whole process so frustrating long. However I understand why it was done this way. None the less I did not like it.

Cabin 5204

We prepaid for a specific cabin. We arranged to have a cabin next door to my sister. We prepaid for our room so we were next to my sister.. My sister was due to have the cabin next door 5208 but has been put into 5212. As a result she has had her room fee repaid via on board credit.

The Cabin itself is at the back of the ship on the outside with a window. The room is a fair size. Only problem we have is our luggage will not fit under the bed. There is plenty of storage for our clothes. A safe is provided. The shower is a fair size. Soap and shower gel are provided. A couple of niggles. There is no bath mat provided. The towels are a bit grey from regular use. Some new ones would be nice. One problem in the bathroom was that the sink plug was broken. You have to lift the lever to raise the plug, however, this had been disconnected. Within an hour of reporting the problem it was fixed.

The bed is very comfortable. I had some very good night sleeps.

Each night a chocolate is left on the pillow. A nice touch seen as this is now a cut back on some cruise ships.

There are two big draw backs to this cabin. It is right above the crews lounge. So every night until 2am you can here them partying with disco’s and karaoke taking part. It is very loud. It was reported to Customer Services but nothing was done. My sister is in Cabin 5012 and the noise is even louder there. Also we are next to the area where the ropes are for tying up the ship. So it gets a bit noisy when arriving in Port.


Day 1
This was a lazy day. It was pouring down with rain outside. I made a call to mum in England. In Palma you are connected using Movistar Telecom system.

We had a buffet lunch in Sirens. A nice venue. The food was nice. It was also the first time to use our All Inclusive cards and get a glass of red wine. It’s nice to sign off a receipt with nothing to pay.

We headed off to The Medusa Ballroom and took part in the Trivia. We didn’t do too bad. Dinner was in Orions. Our waiter was Stephen. He was so friendly, helpful and so funny. The best waiter that I have ever come across on any cruise ship.

The evening showcase was an Abba Show performers by the Ship’s Company. It was excellent. I had a good old sing song. Afterwards in The Medusa Ballroom the ship’s entertainment team put on a great show, a great party atmosphere.

Day 2

A day at Sea. The sun is out and a beautiful day it is. We decided to take up residence on a longer by the pool. Whilst there. demonstrations took place of napkin folding ( I now know how to build the Sydney Opera House with a napkin), flambé pineapples (tasters available afterwards), salon presentation and the bar staff doing their Tom Cruise Cocktail impersonations (again tasters available). It was all done light-heartedly and was enjoyable.

After lunch we went to the theatre and saw Dracula at Sea. A 45 minute play by the entertainment team. It was very good. After this we attended the Port Talk. Then Afternoon Tea. The cakes were delicious. We also attended the fashion show which was very funny.

It’s Gala night tonight. as expected not many people dressed up. A handful of gents had tuxedo’s and only a few of the lady’s had glammed themselves up. We met up in the Atlante Theatre for our welcome drink and talk by the Captain. He has already announced that he will be unable to shake hands as he is being treated for Tennis Elbow.

The meal was superb again tonight. I had Beef Wellington.

After dinner we headed for the Piano Bar for a quiet night.


Day 3

We arrive in Cagliari, Sardinia. We have a tour booked for Nora and It’s excavations. It was a good trip with an excellent guide. It was well organised.

Lunch was in Orions followed by the Cocktail of the Day, Champagne Cocktail. We did a bit of reading in the Medusa Ballroom with a few drinks and a watchful eye on the Cha Cha class (it’s worth a laugh).

The show tonight was Parklife It was a very good show. So far I have been very impressed with all the shows. When leaving the Atlante Theatre the Medusa Ball room is always bust as is Ocean Bar. We ended up with Jonah in the Piano Bar.

Day 4

We went on an on an organised trip you Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii Our coach took us to a meeting place where we met our Monster Truck Bus to take us up the Volcano. The last part you the summit is by foot. Our guide was Roberto who was both informative and funny. Sadly it was very misty so our views of Napoli are restricted. We are told that Vesuvius erupts every 50/60 years. It last erupted in 1944.

After Vesuvius we went to Pompeii. One if the most extraordinary places I have ever been to . I was so impressed. The shame about the place the authorities are not preserving the place. It is open for everyone to walk all over it. If you ever get the chance then you must see Pompeii. Apparently it was the lava ash that not only destroyed the city but it preserved it.

Tonight we had a comedian on our showcase. Phil Doyle, He was OK, I had a laugh a few times. We also watched the game show A question of Sport. That was fun


Day 5

We arrived in Olbia, Sardinia A small town. We had a walk around. There are a number of shops, bars and cafes. The sea front is beautiful. A complimentary shuttle bus takes you from the ship to the town and back again.

The Entertainment team put on We are The Champions featuring Queen songs. The best show so far. That was followed by The Crew’s Got Talent. They certainly do

Day 6

Today we are in Toulon A beautiful harbour place. We walked around town and had a good look at the Sunday Market, A couple of shops were open, On the promenade there are several bars and cafes, not at all expensive. At the end of the Promenade is the Maritime Museum, Not open on Sunday. There are some beaches nearby.

By the Terminal Gate you can take a small train ride around town. It costs 10 Euros’ and lasts 60 minutes and includes commentary.

In the Terminal building there are a number of stalls selling handmade products such as pottery, soap, candles and Christmas decorations,

There were big swells of water outside as the gales picked up. The show tonight was cut short due to health and safety reasons. It was the right decision. When we returned to our room the trays of glasses and everything else on tables had been turned over on to the floor. There was broken glass everywhere. Customer Service were quick to come and tidy up. The poor lad who cleaned up our room was suffering from sea sickness but he got on with the job.


Day 7

Today we are in Barcelona. We took the Complimentary shuttle bus into the Bus station on the waterfront and walked into town. We did a bit a shopping at Las Rambla. Also did a bit of sightseeing spotting the odd Gaudi building. We also had a good look around the food market. Some local tried to pinch my sisters handbag. I could see what his game was and intervened. I got a lot of verbal, but it was worth it as my sister kept her bag. I would just advise everyone to be careful and vigilant whilst in Barcelona. It is a lovely city and well worth visiting. This was my second time her and it was just as good a the first time.

This evening’s meal in Orion’s had the Baked Alaska parade. We said our goodbyes to Stephen and Rio. It didn’t seem right not too tip ( I know tips are included in the price), however we gave them a little extra as they were good.

Afterwards we watched the farewell show which was a tribute to West End Shows. I love all the Lloyd Webber Songs. We then retired to The Medusa Ball room and watched and laughed at the Domestic Combat game show. It was billed as the Battle of The Sexes. The Females all cheated and the game had to be abandoned.:)



This is the waiter service restaurant available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are no set times. The menus are varied and cater for everyone. What I liked was that each table was provided with a basket of bread of various types and you had this for the duration of the meal. You could have as much or a little as you like.

We had wine with our meal. The wine waiter just automatically refilled our glasses as it was included on the All Inclusive deal.

The are various formation of tables, seating from 2 -10 people. The staff are friendly. If you get the chance ask for Stephen.

The restaurant is very light with a lovely glass ceiling centrepiece.

Overall food is excellent, good choices for vegetarians and good service.


This is the self service buffet on Deck 11, open for breakfast and lunch. In the evening it turns into “The Grill” where a charge of £20 is made.

This was the restaurant of choice for breakfast and lunch. The salad bar is very good. There are several cakes for lunch and one traditional British hot pudding.

Medusa Ballroom

A nice big open ballroom used for entertainment. You normally found “Strum Jam” playing here. They are the resident band. They were quite good. Only one niggle here and it was only on day 1. There were only two waiters on duty and it took a long time to be served. After that service was as normal.


Hercules Shops

The shops sold a variety of things, similar to other cruise ships. The prices are quite reasonable, in some cases quite cheap. The staff are not pushy and leave you to browse but willing to assist when asked. There is nothing worse than a shop assistant following you around and pester you.

Customer Services

This is on deck 8. The staff were friendly and quite helpful.

If you want stamps for postcards you can not buy them at Customer Services. However they will arrange for them to be franked by their mailing agency. In the Med it was 85p to send a car to the UK.


The staff here were very helpful. We fascicled a trip to Vesuvius however it was by a Monster Truck. My wife suffers from lower back problems. He assured us it was alright and said that he would make sure cushions and support would be available for her. He kept his word. We also said that we were scared of heights. He said that we would not see at driving over sheer drops and that it would be alright. He was correct.

The Port Talks are split into two. One is all about excursions offered by the cruise. The other is solely about the port and how to deal with it on an independent basis. There was none of this it is unsafe to do this it I best to go with the cruise line.

Bike Tours

One thing that is new to the ship is the hire of bikes and bike tours. This did not interest me but it is a service now available on Deck 6.

Delo Bar

This is the Piano Bar. It is a quiet small bar area. the staff are very friendly and funny. The Pianist is alright. Afterwards we heard him talk about his adventures on previous cruise ships. Now we have his name we will ensure we never cruise with him again. It sounds as if he is a bit of a Jonah..

Argo Lounge

This was a nice quiet area for a drink and good views. It was also the home of Elegant Afternoon Tea. Often there would be music provided by a Classical duo.


We are on All Inclusive What I would say is the measurements are very generous,


This was carried out on Day 2. Our team leader was very good. He had to be firm with some passengers as they were not taking things seriously.

Palma Airport

One word of warning about this place is that everything is expensive. A can of coke is £3.00. If you want to take home alcohol, cigarettes or perfume I suggest you buy it on the ship or in the town centres.


We had one complaint on the cruise ship and that was the noise coming from the Crew Bar area directly below us. My sister called out Customer Services one night and they said that they would deal with it. Nothing appeared to happen. I personally went to Customer Services and put a complaint in. I said that I did not object to the crew partying, in fact I said they should however it would be appreciated if they could turn the noise down a bit. That evening when we returned to our rooms there was a letter of apology with a bottle of wine and fruit platter. We had no more noise afterwards.

I thought that they dealt with the matter admirably. We were all happy satisfied.

In fact the service was excellent all round. So much so I wrote to the Captain and told him so. I've never done this before.

Now the question is will I cruise with Thomson again.

The answer is most definitely. The service they provide is up their with the best with more reasonable prices.


Thanks for the review John. :) Sounds like your cruise was much better than you expected. :)
Dracula at sea is a new play not seen that one, hope I catch it on my travels.
It's the service that I find good on Thomson too, makes for an enjoyable time.:)


Hi John

Very informative report on your cruise but sorry to read you did not get the cabins as booked.

I think we can assume you are now a fan of Thomson Cruises.

Many thanks for a most interesting report.


Hi we are thinking of booking the dream and was wondering if the AI drinks package is worth buying is it worth it is the selection good any help please many thanks



For us the AI was a"freebie" from Thomson's.

I took advantage of the AI, if I didn't have it I wouldn't have drink so much. I would say the choice of drinks available is very good, There are only one or two that you have to pay a supplement.


Many thanks you for a quick reply just wondering did you by chance take a copy of the drinks list? and if so any chance of scaning it in so we can see the list? (very cheeky i know many thanks if you can)



Many thanks you for a quick reply just wondering did you by chance take a copy of the drinks list? and if so any chance of scaning it in so we can see the list? (very cheeky i know many thanks if you can)

Sorry I don't have the price list. I thought I did but it's not where I thought it was. I'll have another look later.