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The whales are active in Alaska


Staff member
We just returned a few days back from cruising for 21 days in Alaska. One of our favorite things to do is whale watch. We saw many whales from the ships. We also did several whale watching tours and saw large groups of humpback whales bubble net feeding. This is a rare thing to see and we were fortunate to see a group of 22, a group of 17 and a group of 5 teaching a baby whale bubble net feeding. We also saw many whales in transit. Humpbacks were the majority of the whales we saw but we did see several other types of whales.

It was a fantastic time to be in Alaska whale watching.

Pam in CA

Incredible! I was fortunate to see bubble netting when we were on an Alaskan cruise a number of years ago.

While you were cruising, we booked a 10-day Princess cruise next March to the Sea of Cortez. We see whales all the time off the coast here but I'm hoping to get up close and personal on this cruise. :)