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The safest island .!!


Can anyone share their personal experience regarding the safety on the islands. In Cuba, Dominican Republic, Saint Martin and Puerto Rico which one the safest island. And any kind of island safety tips are appreciated. Thanks.:D

Pam in CA

I've never been to Cuba but of the other three you list, Dominican Republic, St. Maarten and Puerto Rico, I'd say that St. Maarten is probably the safest followed closely by Puerto Rico. The Dominican Republic is still pretty undeveloped and a Third World country.

No matter where you are, don't go off on your own and be isolated. Don't wear valuable jewelry or bring lots of cash and credit cards. I bring one credit card with a low credit line and enough cash for the day plus some extra.

As for actual crime, Puerto Rico is a US territory so you'll find crime similar to the US. St. Maarten depends on tourism and is relatively safe. There are two sides and cultures to the island: Dutch (where cruise ships dock) and French (St. Martin, where the airport is.) The Dominican Republic is one half of an island shared with Haiti. Both are very poor countries with Haiti the poorer. Whenever there is poverty, you'll find higher crime. :(


Staff member
I would have to agree with Pam on what she has said. I to have not gone to Cuba so cannot speak of that. I also agree that you must watch your posessions while there and take precautions to watch how you use a credit card. I have enjoyed St. Masrten, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. As long as I stayed with an organized group I felt very safe, however I did go off on my own some and was aproached by some unsavory characters, I will admit that happens to me some at home because I do look like a biker. I never felt threatened but did feel very uncomfortable.