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The former Love Boat, Pacific Princess, seized by Italian Coastguard, sold for scrap


apparently she was already pretty rotten when she ran for Pullmantur. Vessel would have needed work to the tune of USD 40 million to get her anywhere near the condition of her sister DISCOVERY (ex-ISLAND PRINCESS).


It's very sad that like the SS NORWAY, they let things get away from them. I never got to sail on her...but I sort of did when it came to the TV series. I'm going to miss this ship too.:bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:

Wendy 324

I only just heard about this today and was so surprised. I think it is a shame that the ship has met this kind of end. I know it is old, but it just seems like something else could and should have been done. What a shame.


Poor old Pacific. I was actually on what now turns out to be one of her last cruises in 2008. She actually looked quite good back then, at least in the areas visibile to passengers. Here are some pictures I took in June 2008 (she broke down and was taken out of service in September 2008): Photos of M/V Pacific on Photobucket


All these "stays" are doing nothing but prolonging the agony. I hope they do turn her into a hotel (I'd even make a trip to stay there), but if not, I wish they'd just get it over with.


I saw the Pacific in Genoa and she looked very sad, one of the workers nearby told us below decks the steel work was shot and scrap would probably be the only option....