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The cruise itch


Staff member
I have cruised a lot and was away for a few years from cruising. This past June I spent 24 days on board a couple cruise ships and I am already missing being on the deck of a ship. I have gotten the cruise bug big time again. How about you, do you have the cruise bug?


I always have the cruising bug! I usually go on one cruise a year but would love to go more often. I travel with family but have my own cabin so the cost per cruise is higher for me bcause I am basically paying for two people. Most cruise lines give a small discount for single travellers but not much. NCL has single person cabins on some of their ships but I do not care for NCL based on past trips.

The good news is I sail on 12/7 on Princess tothe Panama Canal. I can't wait!

joe rosa

YES we have the bug, i took my wife on oct 10th for a four day cruise for her birthday it was our 3rd cruise this year , we are booked to leave Nov. 21st 4 day, Dec. 2nd 5 day , Jan 18th on 15day to hawaii , have or will cruise every month from Oct to Jan all on Carnival , i like the way they treat me being a platinum member.

joe rosa

Yes we do lol, whenever we cruise we tell friends and family and we always get between 4 to 18 more persons to go with us ,we love company and have a lot of fun, on the Jan 18 cruise to hawaii we have 23 persons going with us , including our Priest from our Catholic Church , he goes with us on most of our cruises, we even have a daily mass on board, some of the crew members join us for mass and again we have tons of fun