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The Big Red Boat...


Anybody else remember her?

I was talking to one of my friends, somewhat of an expert and said he seems to recall after Premier cruise went under (her parent company) they were moving the ship to Asia when it sank, and almost killed all aboard. So there is no doubt she is gone, but what about Pictures of her from her glory days...anybody have any or know of any online by chance?

Just thought I'd ask.

Thanks ALL!



Big Red Boat II

Here of some shots I took of Big Red Boat II. She was anchored off the coast of Punta Delgada, Azores when I was there on the Rotterdam VI in April 2005....I'm afraid this was just a pit stop for her on her way to Alang. I believe she reached her final destination sometime in June 2005.



I have a picture of one of the Big Red Boats. I think it was in Nassau. I have to dig through my pictures to see if I can find it.



Terry, she looks SO sad in Punta Delgada. She was the last classic liner built in Italy.....EugenioC for Costa.

There are other pictures of her on that last stop in the Azores on the link I posted above....one with Oriana, who must have been there the day after you left??????


We were in Ponta Delgada on April 18th. The copyright on the photo with Oriana is April 15th. They must mean she was leaving the pier to make room for Oriana on the 15th. I guess she anchored off the coast for a bit after that.



Here are several pictures of the Big Red Boat taken in Freeport, Bahamas in July 2004. What we were told is that Nassau seized the ship for nonpayments when the company went bankrupt.



Big Red boats..

I remember seeing one of them many years ago when i was on my first cruise. I dont even know how long ago it was, however, while reading my latest copy of a specific cruise industry mag. They showed one of them over at indian breakers last year in the sadest state. She was spectacular, however, she is no longer.


When you consider that a Ship is just composed of metal, etc. like a car or other item, it is interesting that we respond to them so emotionally.

A Ship takes on a personality and a history that makes us respond to "her ".

One example, we call Ships "Her ". Now what is the history behind that decision? Someone must have an idea why we make them feminine ?

Most of us can see various items go to the "graveyard " but the passing of a ship brings out stories, feelings, etc.

Isn't that interesting ?

Just our love of ships ?

Or is it a combination of the history and romance of the high seas ?


Why "she" and "her", I'm sure I've heard a lot of reasons, but can't think of any now.

Why the attachment??????? Love of ships, yes AND, most certainly, the romance and adventure of the high seas. Could I go back in time, a pre-World War 1, First Class crossing would be what I would like to do BEST.

And, don't forget, for quite a while, huge National Pride was invested in each country's ships. Who held the trans-Atlantic speed record, REALLY MATTERED to a lot of people.

And not just national pride, as the ships got bigger and faster, .....sort of a collective international pride in the progress of technology, which got humbled VERY quickly when the Titanic sank.

My Mother was 9 years old in 1912 and living in Philadelphia, and the news wasn't exactly served up for breakfast like it is now. BUT, she always remembered the sinking of the Titanic, like it had affected her personally, in some way. which it did NOT. But she remembers everybody being in disbelieving SHOCK.

Think ships are linked in some strange way to many people's inner psyche???? Certainly, mine


It depends on the language being spoken - in French and Portuguese a ship is a "he" ;)

Let's hear it from speakers of other languages :idea:


Thought it was because I was brought up in Cardiff Liz, which has docks. Also of course in UK we are an island and we relied very heavily on shipping.
I have a real love of the sea(side) and miss it, living where I do now in central England.


Poppy, those comments were hilarious !!! ( I will not show them to my husband in case he would identify me ! )

Wolfie, of course, I should have known...one of my favorite
movies is "Das Boot ".

Mark, you are correct. Only a Male Band could be called "Queen ".

Manuela, thanks for telling us that some are called "He ".

So does this mean that if a Portuguese Ship meets an English Ship, we have a little Ship ?

And would the little Ship be a "She" or a "He " or a "Das ".

Now if it is a "Das " does that mean the end of the "Ship Family " ?


And their first meal was Alfredo with Herring?

They would love Opera and skiing .

Definitely be sexy considering their parents.

Piccolo e bello


CharlieW said:
Here are several pictures of the Big Red Boat taken in Freeport, Bahamas in July 2004. What we were told is that Nassau seized the ship for nonpayments when the company went bankrupt.

She is now razorblades after being dismantled at Alang last year.