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the bermuda myth


Do cruises actually cross the bermuda's triangle or do they avoid it?
The place is full of legends and stories and i'd realy be interested to know if cruises actually cross it (as the triangle is suppose a nest of magnetic energy and mess up all the boats controls



I heard boats go through there, I believe that is all a myth. None of it is true! And it is supposed to be beautiful there. Although, I'd probably still be hesitant to go there! hahahaha


we have a tv show here in 2 nights from now whowill be on the bermuda's triangle. Apparently it will be clearing up stuff so i'll let you know what i learnet then!;)


I don't know what to think about these myths. i'm sure it's possible that some places on earth have more magnetism then others...


Yes ships, boats and planes go through the Bermuda Triangle. Almost any cruise you go on now a days goes some where in it. Well the ones from the East Coast at least. lol

I do not believe it is a big myth. I do believe there has been some very weird things happen while in the triangle. I do not know what has caused them but I seriously believe in it.