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Sunrise/Sunset of the Day


I love those posters.. Great put-on.

Five years ago I had some small copies of these in my office space.

My boss, the sterotype boss from Hell, insisted I take them down. He had absoluately no sense of humor. Of course, you know that I became a favorite target of him. Gee, I wonder why ?

He caught me whistling a tune in the hallway one time and growling said
"What are you so happy about ? "...charming !

This guy had hired me away from another company and it was the worst move I ever made...retired early because of the place.

He paid one woman to do nothing but think up games and contests to "motivate " his employees. He also expected them to purchase or donate to any of his favorite charities or his children's school projects.

He would have the contests, etc. but then employees had to chase him down to get the prize, if at all.

I retired and left it behind.

Learned later that his business went downhill and he was eated by a larger business. :D


:D :D A hungry grizzly bear, no doubt

The real estate portion of our office was (and is) plastered by the "real thing" posters........GAG.

One day of my unit owners came in, took one look and promptly came into my office and introduced me to "DESPAIR":joy:


One poster was a take on "Sixth Sense "

It said " I see Dead People, and they all work here "

Oh boy, did the fur fly...he was totally clueless about the movie theme.


1 NCL Wind

2 Svalbard Port cam
N Wind 7-19.jpg
Svalbard 7-18.jpg


I thought this was kind of cool....I usually catch the bridge cams either in total daylight, sunset or night.... This is almost night but can still see the ocean....
star princess night.jpg


To bed to bed said sleepy head

Wait a while said slow

Put on the pot said greedy head

And let's have a feed before we go. :joy: