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State Of Madras

Dear Friends,

This is my first post in Cruising Talk. I am from Singapore and aged 53. Back in 1965 I sailed to India aboard the State Of Madras and the journey from Singapore to Madras (Chennai) took seven days. I would appreciate any information on what happened to the ship and even a picture or two of that ship.


Welcome to you. I have tried to find this ship, but can only find one or two mentions

Jaljawahar (1) 1948 1954 sold to The Shipping Corporation of India renamed State of Madras. I will keep looking
Hi there - well finally found it.

Here is the listing and history Miramar Ship Index

Let;s see if this will copy

Single Ship Report for "1174194"

IDNo: 1174194 Year: 1948 Name: JALJAWAHAR Launch Date: 30.9.47 Type: Passenger/cargo Date of completion: 9.48 Flag: GBR Keel:

Tons: 8784 Link: 1488 DWT:
Yard No: 1757 Length overall:
Ship Design:
Country of build:
Builder: Swan Hunter WR Material of build:
Location of yard: Wallsend Number of

Owner as Completed: Scindia SN Co Ltd, Bombay Naval or paramilitary marking :
A: * End: 1973
Subsequent History:

Disposal Data:

BU Bombay 28.8.73
Welcome to the family :)

I have managed to find out about your ship. Took some digging as she had changed her owner/name.


State of Madras was originally called Jaljawahar and owned by Scindia Steam Navigation Company....

Established in 1919, this was the first large scale Indian owned shipping company and started an India - Europe service with the LOYALTY (ex-EMPRESS OF INDIA (1)), but following a ten year agreement with British companies, was restricted to the Indian coastal shipping trade for this period. In 1932 the company purchased the Bengal Burma S.N. Co. The company entered the pilgrim trade to Saudi Arabia in 1937 and in the same year took over the Indian Co-operative Navigation & Trading Co. and the Ratnagar S.N. Co. 1939 Bombay S.N. Co. acquired and 1941 Eastern S.N. Co. also taken over. Services between India and the U.S.A began in 1947 and regular passenger and cargo services between Calcutta and the U.K./ Continent started in 1948. In 1950 a cargo and passenger service opened between India and Singapore and in 1954 an India to East Africa route was inaugurated. An India to West Africa service commenced in 1956 and in 1964 a Calcutta - Great Lakes service started. 1968 a service to the Persian Gulf was started. Scindia also operated services to Australia and New Zealand. Following the global shipping slump of the 1980s, Scindia S.N. Co. gradually sold off it's fleet and ceased trading.
Scindia S.N. Co.

According to the listing, she was launched in 1948 and sold in 1954, name changed to State of Madras.

Having looked her up via Google under her original name, she was scrapped in 1973.

I have managed to find just one photo of her...

Old Ships J
Dear Jean,

Thank you very much for your assistance in finding out what happened to the ship State Of Madras and the accompanying photo. I have also located photos and information on some other ships that plied the Singapore to India route back in the sixties and the seventies. One was Rajula of which there were five pictures on a NZ website and another was M V Chidambaram of which there was one picture. I can now see how effective this forum is.
My father name is Ivan Marshall ( Birth name : ivan madhavan) ... he was born in singapore in 1953 and was sent to india with his adopted parent Mr. Feliz Benzegar Marshall & Victoria Marshall in the ship State of madras or the ship called regula/ rejula in 1958 or 1959 . The reason being is my father was a child and he vaguely remembers the exact year. Mr. Feliz Benzegar Marshall & Victoria Marshall passed away three decades ago. My father [ by god's miracle] got in touch with his original biological family after 40 years ( Only brothers) but still haven't met his biological mother. He wanted to travel to singapore but he is not given a passport yet since the authorities want one evident document ( even a register of his name in a book before boarding the ship back in 1958 . Right now what i want is to know if such records are still kept anywhere like archive or something. ? If so where ? How to find them ? who will have these archives of books or sheets or slips?.. This can help my father meet my grandmother . My dad is 63 now and he hasnt met his mom.Please help
Hi! We have a framed picture of that ship on our wall, and I wondered about its backstory. After searching, I am fairly sure it's the same ship. Here's the photo for reference