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Star Princess prevented from docking in Ushuaia, Argentina, after Falklands visit


Star Princess has been prevented from visiting Ushuaia by Argentine authorities after the ship made a scheduled call to Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands at the weekend.

It is not known if further cruises will be affected by this ruling that could see similar action by Argentina against the ship.

More here :

Argentina refuses entry to cruise ships - www.travelweekly.co.uk

What do you think of this move by Argentina?

Could it damage Argentina's tourism business?

lancashire lass

Well the locals will lose out for sure and if Argentina want to lose revenue banning cruise ships will do it.


The BBC just had an interview with a journalist onboard a British ship that was turned away this morning. They said there were 2 ships turned away but did not give the name of the other one.

Wendy 324

I think it is a shame that it was turned away. I admit to not really understanding the politics of it, but never the less, it is too bad that this has happened.