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SS Talma


It was said of Talma and her sister Tilwa that they looked terrible from any angle except dead ahead. In the October of 1923 she entered service for Apcar to Japan, Calcutta - Rangoon - Penang - Singapore - Hong Kong - Amoy - Shanghai - Moji - Kobe.

She had two fires whilst in service, both were in No 3 hold and on both occasions the fires had to be extinguished by flooding the holds. The first was on arriving at Singapore on the 12th February 1924 the second whilst at Hong Kong on the 26th March 1925.

On the 17th of August she was one of several passenger liners blown ashore at Junk Bay in Honk Kong and her departure was delayed whilst repairs to her sternpost could be facilitated.

She was requisitioned as a Personnel Carrier from December 1939 until October 1947 and fortunately had an uneventful War. She returned to service on the Australian - Calcutta route until the arrival of the new 'C' Class ships after which she was sold for scrap to Bisco on the 12th of April 1949. She was towed by the tug Twyford and arrived at Inverkeithing on the 29th May, breaking began by T.E. Ward on the 15th June.

Built: 1923 by R & W Hawthorn Leslie & Co Ltd, Hebburn.
Tonnage: 10, 000g, 6, 154n, 9, 416 dwt.
Engine: Single Screw, Quadruple Expansion, 5, 000 IHP, 900 NHP, 12 Knots, 14.39 Knots (Trials).
Passengers: 60 First Class, 74 Second Class, 3, 136 Deck, 220 Crew.
Launched 14th June 1923, Completed 13th September 1923. Yard No 529.


Someone in my family traveled on this ship in March 1925. Do you know where I can find ship manifests?

lancashire lass

Perhaps someone on this forum will have your answer, please check back I think the Australian records are good.