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Ss emerald seas


A wonderful ship that had a long line of names, from the W. P. RICHARDSON down to the final name of WORLD CRUISE I. I had the pleasure of sailing onboard this wonderful ship, doing three days out of Miami to Nassau and back. Talk about a classy ship, very streamlined and elegant.
What I enjoyed about this and the older ships I sailed on that you see on my list; was the family like atmosphere. Unlike the larger ships now, the smaller ships had a lot to offer and it wasn't just shuffleboard. When you went on these ships, you could see the wonderful interiors of wood and elegant glass. Back at that time, you had good entertainment. It wasn't blaring at you with loud music, repeat cruisers would have a cocktail with the captain in a small library. It's not like it is now, there was warmth and fun; it was the ship itself you could enjoy. Knowing that its past was from the era of transatlantic or transpacific. They were built in a way that says: "That's a ship".

lancashire lass

Oh for the good old days of cruising. Classy ship.


I sailed on the Emerald Seas 2 or 3 times from Miami to Nassau years ago. I remember it as being the most friendly ship I had ever been on, and plenty or room to move around on. I miss the Emerald Seas.