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Small ship cruising?


Hello friends! I have mentioned in my intro that I have went for cruising only once in my life, that too about 2 years back. My only cruise experience was an awesome one and I wanted to go for more, if not for financial issues. Now I have an option to go for my second cruise experience and that too for 2 weeks. I have 2 packages offered to me, but I am not ale to choose because I like both the itineraries. Another important thing is both these packages are of small ship cruises by blount small adventures. So I am sure this won't exactly be same as my previous ship cruising, which was on a mighty ship. :) But I don't care about it now, though I welcome opinions and suggestions. The cruises are: Boston to Montreal small ship cruises and New York to Montreal cruises. I would be grateful if someone could help me choose one of these. I need to confirm it as soon as possible or else I won't get my reservation. Thanks.

Solent Richard

Good morning John.

Having not previously heard of 'Blount Small Adventures I took the liberty of googling them and I believe this may be the itinerary you are considering...


That sounds wonderful. My wife and I do a minimum of one river cruise per year (two this year because we just had to get to Burma) and have never had a bad experience.

One reason I can appreciate this itinerary is that we have been following a UK television programme featuring Michael Portillo.

His journey started in Manhattan and to date he has just arrived at Gettysburg - so following a similar route from New York as this cruise.

Personally. if it was me, I would go for the whole hog and start at Boston if I were you.

Good luck anyway, whatever you choose and do keep us posted.