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Skagway Alaska


Staff member
A common stop for cruise ships in Alaska is Skagway. This is a very small town, however it has some of the longest port time. The reason for the long stop time is the chance to take tours into the Yukon. The most used tour in Skagway is the Whitepass Railway. This travels following some of the old gold rush days and heads high up into the mountains. The one most spectacular thing about the train ride are the views. There will be a point where you travel over a tressle and you can view all the way back to the bay in Skagway. This is an unbelievable view.

For train buffs it is a fun ride and on certain days you can still take this ride by steam engine, although most days it is done by diesel electric.

The town also has many historic buildings that have been restored or maintained that are quite interesting. The town can be walked easily. If you head down some of the side streets you can find some excellet true Alaskan gifts. Skagway is a small town that will have far more tourists then locals but take your time and enjoy the history of this town if you are ever there.

Solent Richard

Good PEB.

I'll take the opportunity to add some pictures to your Skagway thread if you don't mind.

When my wife and I cruised Alaska on Regent Seven Seas Navigator Skagway went down as the best stop.

The Whitepass Railway was an amazing journey and we were so pleased we completed it right up to the Fraser Rail Head...

My review of the full journey can be found here...


Skagway proved a rather cute town...

...with enough to keep the visitor occupied for half a day. Again, I did a review to help those who are planning a visit...


One attraction that may not prove to be to everyone taste, but certainly we loved, was the Red Onion Saloon...

That's it there on the corner.

Step inside...

For anyone like us who isn't that PC (Politically Correct) you can read the non-pc version of my review here...


The subsequent tour was hysterical, especially the opportunity to glimpse Diamond Lil’s bed.