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Sitka still great


Staff member
We took a cruise to specifically go to Sitka because we find the town interesting. Many towns have changed in Alaska due to the cruise lines. It was nice to see that Sitka prefers to stay the way it is and not let the cruise lines take over. The cruise lines do not go there as often as they use to because the town wants to stay pretty much the same as it always has been. The Russian history and architecture is very important to Sitka. This adds to the importance and interest of Sitka. You will find the typical gifts, however you can still find a lot of local products.

If you cruise to Sitka you will tender in to the port. There are some very good wildlife tours, both on land and sea. The museum's are very good and you can find some interesting shows of the Russian history and dance of the area.

I hope to return to Sitka someday and just hope they stay true to the town and not give in to the cruise lines.


We have been to Sitka and totally agree with this article. Sure hope to get back there again someday and I hope it has not changed.