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Ships Arrested !


It looks like the CIC livery is already gone from the funnels, wonder if there is a new color scheme that will be applied to the ships - or if they will stay plain vanilla for charters.
I bet Danae will have a new paint job very soon - Funchal looks a little better in the latest pics.
Great news - Porto (ex-Arion) has now left drydock and is painted in new livery (actually the original Funchal livery with new logo). Expect all four Portuscale ships to all have this look soon. Great images here: http://lmcshipsandthesea.blogspot.com/


The cruise ship ' Porto ' looks great in her new colour scheme.

Lets hope the new owners can operate the whole fleet with no problems.



Artist impression picture of the ' Lisboa ' which previously sailed as the 1954 British built CIC Cruises ships ' Princess Danae.

The ex CIC cruise ship ' Funchal ' is shown as retaining her original name.



With the Athena, .Princess Danae, Funchal and Arion being taken over by the new portugese company Portuscale Cruises the last of the old Classic International Cruises ships ' Princess Daphne ' had been laid up in Crete since September 2012.

She is now reported as sold to Indian ship breakers and having passed through the Suez Canal is at present in the Red Sea but was only cruising at 1.7 knots today !

The ship has been renamed Daphne for the voyage and is now registered at St Kitts & Nevis.

The future of her sister ship the ex Princess Danae, which is now renamed Lisboa, remains in doubt as more steel needs to be replaced on the ship than was expected.


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