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Ships Arrested !

Discussion in 'Other Cruise Lines' started by Neil, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    It is very interesting to read the report by Reuben on CIC.

    Having been booked to travel with a friend from Marseilles to Fremantle, on the MV Athena, as ordinary full fare paying passengers I would quess that as they always have a twin beded suite Reuben has no doubt also lost a lot of money and has my sympathy as do the other passengers booked to travel on the ship.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to the CIC ships in view of the comments from 'alanuk' and lets hope some of the fleet is returned to service.

    The future for the ships not returned to service will not be so good as there is little market interest in ships this age from other cruising companies.

  2. Andrew Gl

    Andrew Gl Deckhand

    If there is the rich client with a big of money who is going to buy three. He must have already been working a cruise business. I don't see such rich direct buyers for three vessels on the market.
  3. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Not Quilty !
  4. AthenaPax

    AthenaPax Deckhand

    I certainly don't hold anything against Grant Hunter and the staff of CIC in Australia. They tried hard and are as much a victim of circumstance as everyone else in this story.
    The last update I received from the administrators at the end of last year indicated that the cash from passage fares and deposits was being held in an account, and that they are now seeking legal advice over whether it should be considered as being held in trust on behalf of clients or whether it is part of the company's general funds. If the former, a refund of the majority of the money paid will be issued within a few months. If the latter, we can expect to see as little as 50% of what we paid and only after the whole liquidation process is completed, which will probably be towards the end of the year. I filed a claim with the travel compensation fund and they say that it is in the queue. They are overwhelmed by claims so it is taking a bit of time.
  5. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    News in today from Portugal is that four of the CIC ships have been bought by a Portugeses investor and the Princess Daphne is to be retained by the sons of the original owner of the company.

    There is at present no news on the operation fo the cruise ships but it does now look as the refitting work on the 1961 built ' mv Funchal ' will be completed so she can be returned to service.

    It could be rather interesting if the new owner should decide to put the ' mv Athena ' back on Australian cruises with the announcement of the charter of another ship for the same market.

  6. peter michael

    peter michael Deckhand

    That is good news Niel. Let us hope they return. It will be good to see one or more those wonderful small REAL ships return to Australian waters. I have had 2 cruises to date. From Fremantle to Harwich on the Funchal in 2008 and Adelaide to Tasmania on the Athena in 2011. Never had a better time in my life with such a wonderful crew and service. We had planned another short cruise to Tasy but like so many others got caught up in the unfortunate ships arrests. Looking forward to further news as it developes on this thread.
  7. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi Peter

    The CIC smaller cruise ships have always been popular on Australian cruises but should the new owner decide to return to Australian cruising I wonder what will be the re-action of those that prefer the smaller cruise ships and may have lost money after the financial collapse of the original company.

    My friend, Reuben Goosens, who runs the large australian classic cruise ship website ' ss maritime ' is away on a cruise with HAL at present but had booked to travel with a friend on the November 2012 voyage from Europe to Fremantle by the mv Athena.

    It will be interesting to see what he thinks about the new set up as he had been involved in Australian cruise ship operation for many years before retiring.

  8. peter michael

    peter michael Deckhand

    Hi Neil. I think over time many pepole will perhaps forgive and forget. Those caught up in Rome and Marseilles might not! I think if you were caught up in the CIC collapse there would be a degree of reluctance or caution to commit again to the same cruise line or other lines for that matter. Let us not forget that it was not CIC Australia that was in financial trouble at the time of the ships arrest and it was unfortunate that the sought out replacement ship did not eventuate. Given that we, I believe from the information I have read, had 6000 - 7000 Australian bookings for the 'Athena' Australian cruise season in 2012/13 shows a healthy patronage with a demand that I think will see a recovery over time, should the Athena return. I will be one of the first to get back on board.
  9. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi Peter

    Pleased to read you would book again if the ' mv Athena ' should return to australian cruising.

    I know from my talk with Ruebens she was very popular and it was no fault of the local company that she failed to cruise this year.

    It will be interesting to see how the bookings go on the ' Astor ' if the ' mv Athena does return to australian cruising.
  10. AthenaPax

    AthenaPax Deckhand

    If I were to make an attempt to book on the Athena again I think I'd insist that the full payment for the cruise only be made once I am standing at the gangway looking at a ship that is loaded, stocked and ready to sail. Sorry, but Astor would get my business.
  11. peter michael

    peter michael Deckhand

    The return of the Athena or Funchal would bring back to the cruise market the charm and attraction of these older liners of an era past, and one that is slowly slipping away from us. I believe it is the nostalgia of these ships, the relaxed style of cruising and the intimate service that is the attraction and leads many people to make repeat cruises on them. The high level of Australian patronage with 6000-7000 booking for the 2012/13 season on the Athena speaks for itself.
    New ownership, investment, will usher in a 'clean slate' and a fresh start that will hopefully see them cruise on for many more years to come.
  12. Hi all,
    The work aboard FUNCHAL resumed.
    And the PRINCESS DANAE is to be chartered by Royal Caravella Cruises, a russian company, under the new name of ASTORIA.
    See here : http://royalcaravella.umi.ru/lajner_astoria/

  13. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Many thanks for the update on the CIC cruise ships
  14. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Many thanks for the update on the CIC cruise ships
  15. Cruisefan

    Cruisefan Deckhand

    Update: The russian (company registred in USA and email addy is in Ukrania?) will now charter the ex ATHENA instead of the Princess Danea. their Website has been altered accordingly, first crusie still to depart from Sevastopol on July 1st and the new name to remain as ASTORIA see here>>>
    Happy Cruising
  16. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi Cruisefan

    Many thanks for the update.

    With the ' mv Athena ' being laid up at the French port of Marseilles since September 2012 she still has to have her dry-docking and certification updated which was to have been done before her voyage to Australia in November 2012.

    Lets hope they have no problems !

    Her AIS ship position signal started to be transmitted again on Wednesday 20th March 2013 so it would appear work has started to activate the ship again..

  17. ClassicalSax

    ClassicalSax Deckhand

    Update: Princess Danae has arrived in Lisbon today from Marseille - she is currently at anchor right next to Funchal. Arion has also been in Lisbon for 2 weeks. Anyone know the current whereabouts of Athena - is it still held in Marseille?
    Princess Daphne has also returned from her charter - but her fate and location is unknown - last seen in Crete I believe. The other four are now part of the Portuguese company Portuscale Cruises - the three ships may be renamed Lisboa, Porto and Azores according to this site http://cruzeirosjorge.blogspot.com/2013/03/noticias-da-funchal-portuscale-cruises.html
    The very best of luck to the new cruise company and may they revitalize these classics and put them back where they belong - on the high seas. It would be great to see the Funchal in Funchal for the passage to the new year 2013-14
  18. alanuk

    alanuk Deckhand

    It's interesting to read that "Athena" is going on charter to the Ukranian company Royal Caravella (and Andrew hasn't commented) as "Astoria". Anyone spot the loose links? So "Athena" tbr "Astoria" is replaced down-under by "Astor.." and, of course, the latter's older near-sister "Quest for Adventure" was also named "Astoria". Oh what fun.
    Add to the news that "Princess Daphne" is now on the open market for sale, so it seems she's not going back on charter to Ambient, and that Alex and Emilios are getting out of their late father's business.
  19. Andrew Gl

    Andrew Gl Deckhand

    Vessel can be open for guests fm other part world asap.
  20. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    I have heard that the ' Princess Daphne ' will be bought by the previous Greek owners who sold her to CIC..

    Her previous name was ' Ocean Monarch ' . !

    They are connected with the family of George Potamianos, who had owned CIC.