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Saga Rose on the BBC


Saga Rose on the BBC –
Crawshaw's Watercolour Cruise
BBC TWO – Wednesday July 12, 1.00p

Alwyn Crawshaw is one of Britain’s best known and popular artists and he’s back on BBC TWO this week with his eighth television series, Crawshaw’s Watercolour Cruise. Alwyn was aboard Saga Rose as she sailed from Jordan to Spain, visiting a wealth of inspirational destinations, including the ‘Rose Red City’ of Petra, the Egyptian pyramids, Jerusalem and Seville.
The first programme features Alwyn sailing into Aqaba and then traveling onto Petra, the ancient city carved into stone and reached only by a narrow passage through the Shera Mountains. His painting and sketching subjects will include the Siq (a natural gorge that connects the famous Treasury to the rest of the city) and the Urn Tomb.
Don’t forget to tune in for what should be a fascinating series.
( one to record I think)


Thanks Jackie, Watched it today. Alwyn was in Petra sketching and painting the entrance and one of the tombs. There will be eight episodes, the next is in two weeks (not sure why, must be something else on tv). Nothing really to see on the Saga Rose, it was mainly painting, but I dont mind because I do a bit of watercolour painting myself. So it was interesting for me. :clap:


If he tries to paint anything on board on the aft open decks I would just love to see the results:eek: :eek:
Boy does that ship shake and rattle - and I'm told it rolls too!
Cheers. Paul


True, not much about the Saga Ruby, a few outside shots.
The cruise which Alwyn was on was the last 2 weeks of the recent World Cruise. A different slant for a programme!
Jordan looked good, until the sketching began, when I fell asleep. Took 3 attempts of winding the tape back, before I saw all the programme!:roll: