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Ryndam - Drunken Passenger Releases Ships Anchor

Captain Larry

I don't know about the stern anchor, but here's what the Ryndam's spare anchor looked like last year during our Alaska cruise. It was stored on the foc'sle, which was open to the passengers. All of the anchors and equipment were one deck below and in a secure area. Drunk or not, the act of releasing the anchor was a conscious and pre-meditated act and well deserving of severe punishment. And the punishment needs to be well publicized if it is to serve as a deterent.


Talking on MSN to one of my old ship mates tonight and we think he must have known something about the stowage of ships anchors.

The way they are sort of locked in means it would require someone with the knowledge of how this is done to be able to release the anchor.

lancashire lass

I think the sentence fits the crime. He had no business to be in a restricted area, sounds to me he was looking for stuff to steal so he could have souvenirs on his 50ft boat. He knew very well what would happen when he released that anchor. Idiot for sure.