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Royal Caribbean drinks prices


Well, it's about the cost of drinks on Royal Caribbean - drinks prices, what drinks are free and the Royal Caribbean's new alcohol policy 2013 (now they allow two bottles of wine per cabin).

Pam in CA

Wow! Those are really high prices. On my just-concluded Diamond Princess cruise, for example, a lemondrop martini was $7.95, a Long Island Iced Tea (my new favorite) was $5.50. Both of those were strong enough to really feel them.

Warner Athey

How would these prices compare to prices at a resort on land? I know alcohol sales are an important part of the cruise lines profits.
Not being a drinker I don't have to pay them, but I thank the people who do. If they charged less for drinks they would have to go up
on the cruise price. I would rather have a low price for the cruise even if it meant that alcoholic beverage prices were high.


Also, I am thankful for the folks that pay the drink prices, because like you, I don`t drink. I would like to continue to see lower cruise prices, not just in the low season, or November and December. One regular drink on a recent cruise was $7.25, a lot ,I thought, but then I didn`t buy it. I think there are other ways to cruise cheaply, by cruising close to home.


We are due to sail on Legend of the Sea 24th May and being Retirees try and make the dollar go as far as possible but the new drink prices, which include a gratuity (even though we have paid the compulsory gratuity) is getting ridiculous. I like my wines for dinner , a couple of scotches before and a occasional beer. To pay for a 35USD package (equals $45.00 Aussie Dollars) for two x 17days is almost as much as the cruise costs