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Rotterdam - noro type illness reported cruise ending 03/02/2012


Reports have surfaced that HAL Rotterdam delayed embarkation on February 3, 2012 due to an outbreak of noro type illness on the previous cruise.

No numbers have been confirmed as yet but the ship was delayed leaving whilst a deep clean was completed.

lancashire lass

Very worrying for cruisers for sure. The only thing one can do to lessen the chances of becoming infected with this virus is handwashing, and keep fingers away from face and mouth:eek:
Surfaces on cruise ships especially handrails can soon become bacteria ridden, if possible avoid crowded elevators. That said, food sources such as salads, shellfish, meats, can infect you. I think if I were planning to cruise this month or next I would take a supply of immodium, and beef up vit c intake.:)