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Rex is Back!


Staff member
If you didn't get my recent email:

Subject: Your Cruise Is Cancelled!

I'm just joking! Your cruise has not been cancelled.

I just wanted to let everyone know that CruisingTalk.com has a new Admin.

This is more of a soft-opening to let you know what is going on. The new admin is a former admin and owner of another cruise related site that you might remember. CLF.

Rex is back!

Hope to see some of the old faces around.

Rex B.
I know I know. The subject was a bit frightening but I figured I need to give you a bump in the butt! I hope all is well. I'm sure some of you may have some questions so let's hear it!

Brent W

Staff member
Rex is more than qualified to move CT forward and happy to hand the keys over to him. He built CruiseLineFans from the ground up. Look forward to seeing what he does!


Hello Rex,
What a scare .. you had me worried..... I`m glad you are back, and hope we get a lot of support and find it easier to let our thoughts be known on CT.
Yes I got your e-mail and hope we can find ways to keep prices down on cruises, and ... .. have an affect on the cruise lines.


Rex....kinda ironic really isn't it, eh?

Don't worry, I won't bite your backside....what happened in the past tween the two of us will remain in the past, at least from my end anyway.

Hopefully this board can be rebuilt yet again (I have done it a few times now, and interupted relaxation time on my cruise earlier this year when Brent bought the site from Enrique to make the transition smoother - not that it helped alot).

Hope that you can make a go of it.....God knows that the site and members deserve it. I'll drop by every so often to see what is new...I have retired from building vB's for the time being, my one regret is that this site went over to Xenforo from vB, but Brent knows best.

Anyway, if you require any assistance in finding out things as to what was here, just ask.


Thanks for the note Ally and I hope all is well.
You're welcome Rex, hopefully under your guidance the site will regain some of its old lustre. Having been here since 2006 and having built/rebuilt it many times, it needs someone with enthusiasm but also someone with time to put into it...and most importantly, owners who support their admins and crew, something it has lacked in recent years unfortunately.

I am fine, thank you, looking forward to my next cruise in 3 weeks time...and I hope that you & your other half are doing well too :)


Hey Rex....do you remember Tripboards?

It's still around in its original state, though under different owners nowadays, it was sold about 4 years ago.

Good times, despite the occasional pothole in the road, eh? ;)


I do remember. Was a fun site but don't know what really happened to it.
After Enrique bought it from you & Lee, it went well...infact I can thank you for getting me into being a moderator and admin on sites since that was the first "solo" flight I made after CLF.

About 5 or so years ago Enrique went on a buying spree looking for domains with "talk" suffix and I built around 35 or so for him, he sold Trips and the others - keeping this one - to a big board operator, CrowdGather or something similar. Trips is still in our original format and on vB, doesn't look too busy thesedays sadly.