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Ello Rex......sorry to be a pain in the butt....just before Brent bought CT, the formatting was changed significantly and several reviews done after the changes (approx January 2012) were done on a seperate "page" from the main forums - similar to that currently used at CLF.

The old vB review system that we had wouldn't transfer over to the new one, so I moved all of the old reviews into the appropriate cruise line sections and they in turn have transplanted across to Xenforo without any problems.

However, like the original PhotoPost gallery, the "new" review system also has not transferred to Xenforo either, thus losing a fair number of reviews during the transition from one format to the other.

Is there any way of retrieving the reviews from the vB attachment "page"...or are they lost permanently?

Thanks matey :)


The review area that was tacked onto the revamped vB a few weeks prior to the sale to Brent was designed by Lauren (Enrique's wife) and she along with paid contributors found on DigitalPoint did all of the individual ship descriptions. The members could then add a review to that description....we did have some glitches with it due to coding problems, mainly any new review did not show up on the "new posts" listing on the main vB forum side of the site (this fault seems to have been rectified on CLF where a new thread is automatically produced on the forum with a hyperlink to the new review).

It was during the tussles with glitches that the site was sold...so I am unsure what method of storage, if any, was put in place by Enrique before Brent took over (and I went on my cruise, which all happened within a couple of weeks of each other).

For what its worth, when I was admin here, I never did get access to the entire admin panel, so have no idea about the coding that was used for the review attachment but I did have control over the PhotoPost gallery. There was alot of alterations made that only Enrique had access to.

Like I said before, hopefully the lost sections can be brought back...especially the photo's but having both the photo section and review sections back would be brilliant, thanks matey :)