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Renaming Photos


When you transfer photos from a digital camera to your computer, they usually end up with irrelevant and cryptic filenames. If you wish to give your photos a relevant name, without having to rename each photo individually, then Windows XP has the answer.

1. Open the folder containing your photos, usually using My Computer
2. Select the files you want to rename (Edit/Select All)
3. Press F2, type the new name on the first photo and then press Enter.
4. If you give your first photo the name CruiseJAug06 the first file will be renamed CruiseAug06 (1) with subsequent photos CruiseAug06 (2) and so on.

5. If you make a mistake when renaming photos using this method, you can undo by right clicking in a blank space and selecting Undo Rename from the pop up menu.



Many thanks for that advice Norman....I know there will be many who are flummoxed by their digital camera when it comes to transferring and naming the photo's and who often threaten to launch both computer and camera out of the window in frustration.....myself included more than once.